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Timken Kegellager - M8454884510 | 25.4 mm | 57.15 mm | 19.431 mm | 14,732 mm | 19.431 mm | 1,5 mm | 1,5 mm

Artikelnummer: M8454884510 | Snelcode: imnb

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    Artikelnummer M8454884510
    Merk Timken
    Verpakkingseenheid Per stuk
    Snelcode imnb
    EAN / GTIN 0053893781938
    Andere artikelnummers 931050315, M8454899401, TIMKENM84548M84510
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    • Voertuig
    • Aandrijftechniek
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    • As- en stuuronderdelen
    • Achteras
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    • Kegellagers en cilindrische rollagers
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    • IH 885- Voorasdelen 4WD
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    • Case - IH JX 1095U - Voorasdelen 2WD
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    Omschrijving van Timken Kegellager

    per stuk
    d (mm)
    25.4 mm
    D (mm)
    57.15 mm
    B (mm)
    19.431 mm
    14,732 mm
    T (mm)
    19.431 mm
    Max. as radius R
    1,5 mm
    Max. huis radius r
    1,5 mm
    Vraag en antwoord

    21 beoordelingen

    Jean p. L. op 19-04-2022
    Super réactif
    402labs op 25-03-2021
    I work for Nucor Steel the company that makes the steel for Timken. I know first hand the quality that goes into these bearings. The strict testing the steel goes through.There is no question what bearings I will purchase.
    conrod0_3 op 24-03-2021
    From many years experience, I have long considered Timken bearings as being the best. My current project entailed converting from old Imperial sizes to Metric by one method or other. Timken have never failed me with my requirements. Value wise, I have no comparison to make, but I found the price of this transaction very comfortable indeed for such precision items. I recommend anybody to them....
    TIMOTHY op 02-03-2021
    I have a 1995 ford f150, the more common parts store bearings don't always fit the spindles properly and are sometimes the tiniest fraction too tight. I can count on Timken bearings to fit every time. Love buying made in the USA as well.
    infg_ba_1kz3njmyg op 12-01-2021
    They last only a year or two before they start to seize up. Need continuous lube to prolong life. Believe this style does any brand you buy. Priced better than others.
    gloryglo op 14-07-2020
    Excited to find these. The box for these has a 2016 date, so I assume they have been discontinued. All I can find in stores now are zinc or brass. From my past experience, the metal ones corrode. And yes plastic has a limited lifetime too, but I prefer these over the metal ones. Again I was very excited when I found these online for sale, and have been very pleased with the performance of them. Not only that, but now I have backups! Probably for years...
    Enrique op 11-07-2020
    I replaced the front hubs on my motor home and wanted to put new bearings in for peace of mind. However, the CHINA stamp gave me pause. I am counting on Duralast to enforce QC from their source.
    MATTHEW op 26-06-2020
    Was looking for an American made bearing kit for the boat trailer and couldn’t find one, had to piece together my own. Bearings itself seems fine, no complaints yet, however very little use so far, (Maybe 75 miles)
    jbun8388 op 15-06-2020
    This is whats needed to support the small roller bearings that that fit on the outsides of the rim. ( front and back of wheel ) The cage bearing supports the center of the wheel surface and keeps the spindles from wearing on the outsides. Put a 1/8" pipe plug in to replace the grease zirk on the wheel. Pre-pack the cage bearing and slip it into the center of the wheel. Then replace the outside bearing and install back on tractor. Sealed bearings on the oursides of the cage, will protect it from the elements.
    GENE op 05-05-2020
    I went to a little more effort to buy Timken bearings hoping to support an American company producing things in the USA. Hopefully I'm right. The cup was well packaged, looked good and fit well.
    Peter op 18-03-2020
    Worked as expected. Cleaned and repacked the opposite wheel's bearings while I was at it. It doesn't pay to buy a more expensive wheel bearing as they mostly have the same warranty.
    marv op 11-03-2020
    Used these to make setup bearings for my axle rebuild. These mic out about half a thousandths short. Then I installed timkens.
    BRIAN op 07-02-2020
    Great part fit like a glove . was a real pain in the butt getting to the house . Managers would not call back after leaving three messages had to go back to the store to get transaction handle correctly.
    69Camaroguy op 26-12-2019
    This race also fits the rear swing arm on a late 1970's Harley Davidson Sportster. That is what I used it on and it fits perfectly because that's what was used by the factory. Cheapest place I could find one.
    Justin op 13-11-2019
    Front end vibration on my Excursion was starting to get worse. Replaced bearings and races on both front wheels (as well as tie rods, drag links, and sway bar bushings). Now everything is smooth as silk. Note: Each front wheel has an inner and outer bearing that sits within a circular bearing race. When replacing a bearing, make sure you replace the race as well.both the bearing and the race a new bearing race
    5554448869 op 19-08-2019
    Needed Timken bearing for the front steering axel of my 50 Dodge PW and found it It was NOS Timken in the old style packaging . It was clean lightly lubricated and ready to go. The shipping was fast which allowed me to install sooner. Happy with the quality and results.
    babinet l. op 03-01-2019
    C'est tout à fait ce qu'il me fallait
    paulreneat op 03-05-2018
    Shocks arrived with one of the 4 boxes open at end flap. Only the strut nut was missing. Not a problem as I used nut from old strut. We have not driven the car yet with all 4 new shocks installed. Monroe used to have a good name, and a guy at Carquest recommended the Monroe struts. I bought the pair of Strut compressors at Napa Auto. Buy the set that has 2 grabbers at one end and 1 grabber at the other end. Narrow coil gap on Honda coils does not accept every coil compressor in the market place, so make sure that you have the right coil compressors before taking stuff apart under the wheels.
    Edward op 25-07-2017
    I bought these along with 1ASHS00971 wheel bearing set to replace both sets of bearings in the front hub of my 2003 Nissan Xterra SE 4X4. These were an exact fit and a great quality. I highly recommend having the proper tools when removing the old race's and installing the new one's. Fortunately I have a friend who is a mechanic and let me borrow his tools for this. The only other thing you will need to buy is a good quality wheel bearing grease to repack them and the hub when installing them.
    CameronCarlBrown op 15-05-2017
    Part was direct replacement, easy to find on the site. Shipping was fast. Parts took care of my bad wheel bearings and now my ride is smooth and quite! Installation hints: Clean mating surface after old bearing is pressed out with high speed sander. Apply automotive all purpose grease on outside of new bearing before re-assembly to help reduce friction between parts.
    2bhuntingreen op 15-03-2017
    When I had to replace my front hub assembly on both sides cause I purchased a cheaper brand the first time. I set out to purchase the good stuff. I have always liked to use timken bearings, so when I found these available and at a very reasonable price. I had to purchase them. The quality of this product was much greater than the previously cheaper brand that I had mentioned.
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