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Timken Kegellager - LM4854848510 | 0009716510 | 34.925 mm | 65.088 mm | 18.288 mm | 13,97 mm | 18.034 mm | 3,5 mm | 1,3 mm

Artikelnummer: LM4854848510 | Snelcode: 9vph

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    Artikelnummer LM4854848510
    Merk Timken
    Verpakkingseenheid Per stuk
    Snelcode 9vph
    EAN / GTIN 8719607040327
    Andere artikelnummers LM48548/LM48510, LM4854899401, TIMKENLM4854899401, 0009716510
    • Tractor
    • Landbouw
    • Aandrijftechniek
    • Oogsttechniek
    • Invoerunit
    • Lagers en lagerhuizen
    • Voorasdelen 2WD
    • Achteras
    • Voorasdelen
    • Kegellagers en cilindrische rollagers
    • Kegellagers
    • Inch series - compleet (gesorteerd op afmeting)
    • Inch series - compleet (gesorteerd op artikelcode)
    • oorasdelen 2WD
    • Serienr. 162-20001-99999
    • Serienr. 345-00001-07000 & 90001-99999 -Voorasdelen 2WD
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    Omschrijving van Timken Kegellager

    34,925x65,088x18,034mm, Uitschakelkoppeling invoeraandrijving
    per stuk
    d (mm)
    34.925 mm
    D (mm)
    65.088 mm
    B (mm)
    18.288 mm
    13,97 mm
    T (mm)
    18.034 mm
    Max. as radius R
    3,5 mm
    Max. huis radius r
    1,3 mm
    Vraag en antwoord

    30 beoordelingen

    LOLO35 op 04-04-2021
    J'ai mis 4 étoiles sur 5. Pourquoi ? Parce que le dossier n'est pas inclinable vers l'arrière et est très présent de part ses dimensions. Très confortable, je le recommande pour ceux qui ont mal au dos et les personnes corpulentes.
    Anoniem op 25-01-2021
    Montage ist einfach, gewisse Teile strahlen nicht gerade Qualität aus. z.B. Nähte nicht sauber genäht - Fäden hängen runter, Plastikabdeckung vom Zylinder sehr billig gearbeitet, Stuhl etwas hart - vielleicht wird dies noch besser. Die Stange für die Höhenverstellung / Rückenlehnen-Arretierung hängt runter - sieht aus als wäre was gebrochen oder nicht korrekt montiert. Ist aber anscheinend gewollt, da auf den Presse-Bildern im Netz überall gleich.
    BretonDesIles op 29-12-2020
    Très content de mon achat, pas cher et arrivé rapidement, moins d'une semaine ! Montage facile, petit hic, je l'ai monté à l'envers et impossible de pencher en arrière. Il m'a fallu démonter l'assise et la fixe dans l'autre sens et ça y est je peux me balancer. A voir à l'usage pour la solidité.
    Sandrine op 29-11-2020
    Acheté pour le télétravail car mon dos ne supportait plus la chaise du salon. Je ne voulais pas non plus investir dans une chaise onéreuse. Et elle vaut son prix. Elle est correcte pour une utilisation de quelques heures mais pas une journée entière. Son confort a ses limites. Les accoudoirs sont par contre à la bonne hauteur, ils passent sous le bureau sans que je sois trop basse. Ce qui n'est pas toujours le cas même avec des chaises bcp plus chères, comme celles de mon lieu pro, ou j'ai dû les enlever. Elle peut être inclinable via une molette à tourner en dessous, pas très pratique car il faut descendre de la chaise et se baisser pour la régler et des doutes sur sa résistance à long terme. Sinon l'esthétisme est plutôt sympa et les finitions très bien.
    luisa.m op 02-11-2020
    Since I use this chair, I no longer have back pains, mounting is easy, it comes with detailed instructions and easy to follow, the screws come with a name so you know where everyone goes, bring some spare screws, also a key to press them so you don't need additional material. It's very comfortable and solid, both the armrests and the headrest are at the perfect height. The wheels move without working, they are the typical wheels that you have to tighten to put them on, two replacement wheels come.
    Muturi op 27-07-2020
    Alot men
    Jiame op 16-07-2020
    Perfect fit , good quality. At a good price
    gloryglo op 14-07-2020
    Excited to find these. The box for these has a 2016 date, so I assume they have been discontinued. All I can find in stores now are zinc or brass. From my past experience, the metal ones corrode. And yes plastic has a limited lifetime too, but I prefer these over the metal ones. Again I was very excited when I found these online for sale, and have been very pleased with the performance of them. Not only that, but now I have backups! Probably for years...
    Enrique op 11-07-2020
    I replaced the front hubs on my motor home and wanted to put new bearings in for peace of mind. However, the CHINA stamp gave me pause. I am counting on Duralast to enforce QC from their source.
    MATTHEW op 26-06-2020
    Was looking for an American made bearing kit for the boat trailer and couldn’t find one, had to piece together my own. Bearings itself seems fine, no complaints yet, however very little use so far, (Maybe 75 miles)
    jbun8388 op 15-06-2020
    This is whats needed to support the small roller bearings that that fit on the outsides of the rim. ( front and back of wheel ) The cage bearing supports the center of the wheel surface and keeps the spindles from wearing on the outsides. Put a 1/8" pipe plug in to replace the grease zirk on the wheel. Pre-pack the cage bearing and slip it into the center of the wheel. Then replace the outside bearing and install back on tractor. Sealed bearings on the oursides of the cage, will protect it from the elements.
    r280031 op 21-05-2020
    precision made in USA.
    GENE op 05-05-2020
    I went to a little more effort to buy Timken bearings hoping to support an American company producing things in the USA. Hopefully I'm right. The cup was well packaged, looked good and fit well.
    Peter op 18-03-2020
    Worked as expected. Cleaned and repacked the opposite wheel's bearings while I was at it. It doesn't pay to buy a more expensive wheel bearing as they mostly have the same warranty.
    freelancelance op 21-01-2020
    If you need a value based shock these are good for the cost. No they arent Bilsteins. But they arent the cost of them either
    69Camaroguy op 26-12-2019
    This race also fits the rear swing arm on a late 1970's Harley Davidson Sportster. That is what I used it on and it fits perfectly because that's what was used by the factory. Cheapest place I could find one.
    burdons58 op 11-12-2019
    Arrived quickly. Is good quality
    baoh_2330 op 23-11-2019
    I would like to say I really appreciate Monroe rear air strut shocks got my Cadillac sitting High ride and gliding make me feel like I'm riding in Grandma and Grandpa Cadillac back in the day......
    Justin op 13-11-2019
    Front end vibration on my Excursion was starting to get worse. Replaced bearings and races on both front wheels (as well as tie rods, drag links, and sway bar bushings). Now everything is smooth as silk. Note: Each front wheel has an inner and outer bearing that sits within a circular bearing race. When replacing a bearing, make sure you replace the race as well.both the bearing and the race a new bearing race
    govek52 op 05-11-2019
    new very good price
    5554448869 op 19-08-2019
    Needed Timken bearing for the front steering axel of my 50 Dodge PW and found it It was NOS Timken in the old style packaging . It was clean lightly lubricated and ready to go. The shipping was fast which allowed me to install sooner. Happy with the quality and results.
    Ghislain op 22-07-2018
    paulreneat op 03-05-2018
    Shocks arrived with one of the 4 boxes open at end flap. Only the strut nut was missing. Not a problem as I used nut from old strut. We have not driven the car yet with all 4 new shocks installed. Monroe used to have a good name, and a guy at Carquest recommended the Monroe struts. I bought the pair of Strut compressors at Napa Auto. Buy the set that has 2 grabbers at one end and 1 grabber at the other end. Narrow coil gap on Honda coils does not accept every coil compressor in the market place, so make sure that you have the right coil compressors before taking stuff apart under the wheels.
    w981uoj op 23-08-2017
    Great value, you might get another make a few pounds cheaper but is it worth it.
    Edward op 25-07-2017
    I bought these along with 1ASHS00971 wheel bearing set to replace both sets of bearings in the front hub of my 2003 Nissan Xterra SE 4X4. These were an exact fit and a great quality. I highly recommend having the proper tools when removing the old races and installing the new ones. Fortunately I have a friend who is a mechanic and let me borrow his tools for this. The only other thing you will need to buy is a good quality wheel bearing grease to repack them and the hub when installing them.
    uganda1958 op 12-07-2017
    The product is original part.and the best quality.
    mikbarb op 31-03-2017
    Perfect item
    gator915nco op 28-10-2016
    Everything went together quickly, easily with no issue. The ride of my Titan has improved significantly. I am amazed at how much sag was in the old shocks. When I put these it, it raised the front of my truck to just the right height. I have been driving around on them for a week now and a lot of the old bouncing sounds have gone away, The control through corners has increased dramatically and I am very happy. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them in the future. Don't over pay with other sellers!!!!!!
    boy230 op 30-04-2016
    Good value
    Kojack op 09-07-2015
    Sets A3 & A6 were outsourced to Hungary several years ago and quality suffered. These bearing sets were brought back to be manufactured again here in America and I am happy to hear this.
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