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Steiner Naaldbikhamer - SR1510

Artikelnummer: DI-SR1510 | Snelcode: 9r5v7

Deze productfoto's zijn indicatief en kunnen afwijken van het daadwerkelijke product.
De titel, omschrijving en eigenschappen van dit product zijn bepalend.

€ 216,59 € 215,99
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€ 178,50 per stuk, exclusief 21% BTW

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€ 5,95 verzendkosten
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    Artikelnummer DI-SR1510
    Merk Steiner
    Leveranciernummer SR1510
    Snelcode 9r5v7
    EAN / GTIN 8719146039134
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    Omschrijving van Steiner Naaldbikhamer

    Slagen (bpm):
    Min slangdiameter:
    Luchtaansluiting ("):
    Luchtverbruik (l/min):
    Werkdruk max (bar):
    Lengte (mm):
    Hoogte (mm):
    Gewicht (kg):

    Voor het verwijderen van roest, corrosie en oude coatings, 3300 slagen per minuut. Incl. 19 ronde naalden SA1510BR.

    Handgereedschap van Custor, Deltach en Draper

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    Luchtgereedschap van Steiner

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    Elektrisch gereedschap van Draper

    Op elektrisch en hydraulisch gereedschap van Draper krijgt u 2 jaar garantie bij normaal gebruik. U zorgt dat het defecte product bij ons terugkomt en, na controle en goedkeuring, sturen wij u direct een nieuw vervangend product op.

    16 beoordelingen

    ZeeR82 op 08-09-2021
    At the time of writing this review, I'm wearing these right now. They fit me really well and the fabric is high quality. Particularly like how the bottom has been tapered and this has just the right amount of thickness to the material, neither too hot nor too cold. Not sure if they come in any other colours but would definitely be tempted if they do!
    Ameen op 20-04-2021
    Heel leuk om te doen bij feesten
    Laura op 07-04-2021
    These new Nike Dri-fit training pants are great! They are comfortable for everyday wear, and stylish enough to look put together for leaving the house. I am not usually a fan of the fitted bottoms of training pants, however these look and feel better than others I’ve tried in the past. If I had to find one flaw, it would be that the material on the inside of the pant legs is pretty scratchy. This doesn’t affect the general wear or the look of the pants, but it would be even better if they were softer inside. I would still purchase these pants over and over. I definitely recommend them for you!
    Thomas op 29-03-2021
    These are overall great pants for lounging, working out or running errands. They’re stylish and comfortable with soft fabric and a jogger style cuffed ankle. The waist and length were great for me, but the crotch was pretty baggy which was my only reason for removing one star. They hold their shape after wearing all day and have held up well so far, though I’ve just mostly worn casually not for a workout. Would recommend them for anyone looking for comfy lounge joggers with the added benefit of Dri-Fit fabric.
    Trent op 17-03-2021
    These are solidly made work-out pants. They have a nice comfortable waist band that doesn’t ride up or down. The fabric is a durable, yet soft fabric. The only reason why I gave them a 4 star rating is due to the tightness around the calf area. The rest of the pants fit nice and they have the nice ankle bands, but for some reason they are a little tight around my calf’s. I don’t notice the tightness after a few minutes of wearing them, but if they were a little looser, they would be a 5 star.
    Kristen op 16-03-2021
    The Nike DriFit Training Pants are amazing! The fit is perfect, room in the waist, room in the seat, length is exceptional. They've been through the wash a couple times so far and have held up super well. These pants are versatile because the warm grey color goes with anything. They are breathable and cozy, allowing comfortable wear in any temperature. Overall, I am very pleased with this product and looking forward to the future.
    Jessica op 13-03-2021
    I recently tried the Nike dry fit training pants. The fabric and feel of the pants are fantastic. I love the interior and exterior of the pants. I thought they were so comfortable they could be worn as Lou he pants or workout pants. I think the feel of the exterior fabric is my favorite part. If I could make on recommendation, it would be the pant legs should be slightly longer for taller guys. That was my least favorite part. The waist fit perfectly but because my legs are longer than most guys while working out they waist would get pulled down and would have to pull my pants back up very often. I’m not sure with the style being the way that it is if there should be options for waist size and length? Overall I’m very impressed with the pants and would recommend them to everyone. But I do think the length should be addressed for taller men. Minder
    Gabriella op 07-03-2021
    The fabric of these pants is very soft, almost silky and very breathable. They are very comfortable to wear while relaxing or doing light housework. My favorite aspect of these pants was the fit and style. However, I can't see myself working out or doing anything other than relaxing at home in these. The fabric/color is always too "casual" in my mind. I think if it was black or a less silky-shiny material they would be easier to dress up. Overall, if you're working from home and no one is seeing your lower half on zoom anyways-- go for it.
    Maggie op 05-03-2021
    these pants are so comfortable. as soon as they arrived i changed into them in the kitchen. they are the perfect pants to change into after 12 hour shifts working in the ER. the fabric both inside and out is soft and breathable. fabric appears very durable and does not pill or snag on anything. the waistband has a good amount of elastic stretch to hold the pants in place during exercise or activity. the cuff at the bottom of the leg is snug and well made and fits great around my ankle. these pants could serve for exercise, loungewear or for errands and running around town.
    Marie-Michele op 01-03-2021
    I don't currently train but these pants were great for lounging or going outside for a quick hike. The pockets are deep enough for my phone. The fabric is medium-weight, making the pants very comfortable but thick enough to seem long-lasting. They are also quite warm but not too hot because the fabric is breathable. The ankles are not very stretchy so cannot go up the calves. Overall a very good pair of pants!
    Carine op 25-02-2021
    Mooie kleur ,gemakkelijk uit te wassen
    Kaat op 20-02-2021
    Knaloranje haar!
    Stephanie op 19-02-2021
    Blijft lang op het haar
    Anoniem op 08-04-2019
    Uit ervaring wist ik dat de haarspray hard wordt, maar het verspreidt goed en zag er realistisch uit.
    Anoniem op 13-02-2019
    Precies wat we zochten.Goed verpakt.
    Anoniem op 06-07-2017
    Heb intussen al verschillende keren deze haarspray in verschillende kleuren besteld en is goed spul werkt prima. Wast het er zo weer uit
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