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Steiner 1/2" Krachtdoppenset, lang dunwandig, 3-delig - SK6903CM

Artikelnummer: DI-SK6903CM | Snelcode: w4c47

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€ 6,95 verzendkosten
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    Artikelnummer DI-SK6903CM
    Merk Steiner
    Snelcode w4c47
    EAN / GTIN 8719146028763
    Andere artikelnummers STEINSK6903CM
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    Omschrijving van Steiner 1/2" Krachtdoppenset, lang dunwandig, 3-delig

    Chrome Vanadium
    Lengte (mm):
    Breedte/ (mm):
    Hoogte (mm):
    Gewicht (kg):

    Voorzien van kunststofbeschermhuls ter bescherming van aluminium velgen. Inhoud

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    Vraag en antwoord

    10 beoordelingen

    Anoniem op 29-12-2021
    This is a really good well thought out tool kit for car maintenance and general home use, its solid well made and has enough tools for every job I'll ever need, particularly like the drill bit extensions missing from most other toolkits. very pleased with purchase.
    Cathal F. op 22-12-2021
    This is a great product from bahco, been using them a while now, mostly for cars. Bought them for the convenience of having so many tools in one. Haven't got round to using the crows foot spanners yet. A bit odd to include imperial sockets, would rather see more torx and hex bits set into 1/4" sockets. The case is sturdy with some nice spring loaded clips to close it and it has a nice carry handle too. The 1/4" ratchet could be better, unless mine is faulty, it feels loose and hasn't got the clicking sound from the rathchet when turning back in the opposite direction. Apart from that it's an excellent set and worth the money.
    Brucey26 op 16-12-2021
    Awesome set, so good having the deep sockets as well as the standard lenght. Great quality and very nice to use. Will last for many years to come. Bahco is good gear. Thanks M10 for the regular sales you guys have.
    Paul C. op 09-10-2021
    This is a quality little set. Is perfect for putting in the van on emergency call outs, means I don’t have to take tools out of my organised tool chest. With a quick look I can make sure all the tools are back in the case before leaving the job. The case is well made and the sockets don’t fall out of order when the case gets shaken about. All of the tools included have a quality feel when using them.
    M op 01-09-2021
    Heeft een zeer goede pasvorm. Is erg mooi van kleur.
    Anoniem op 15-07-2021
    ziet er goed uit nog niet volledig gebruikt
    Mieke op 08-04-2021
    De kleur komt goed overeen met da afbeelding. Stof is niet te dik, een lekkere voorjaars hoodie. Pasvorm is perfect.
    Anoniem op 16-02-2021
    I bought this as part of my sons 21st present. This is the first time I have ever purchased a Bahco product and I must say I am very impressed with the quality. A quick google search about the company demonstrated to me before purchase that this is a high quality company and receiving the goods confirmed that. Other tools I have are Ko-ken, Sidchrome and Snap-on. Bahco easily sits on an equal par with them and looking forward to "borrowing" my sons new kit for my own fun...
    ic_circus op 21-02-2018
    After a year of hard usage on different cars, motorcycles and industrial machines (CNC's, 3D Printers etc), i have to say that this tool set it's great and it will serve most of your tasks! This tool set it's made in Taiwan (don't expect the old SANDVIK-BELZER tools made in Sweden, Germany or the new ones made in Spain) but it's a high quality tool set. Especially the ratchets included are very slim and can't be found on any other socket set from Bahco - very unique! Also this set comes with a set of spanners, bit adapters, bit ratchet, extensions, spark plug sockets...almost everything you may need. Finally, i was so happy with this purchase that i bought the Bahco S330L set also, to cover some missing sockets (the long ones) and a 3/8 ratchet. If i had to buy this tool set again? - With closed eyes :) Minder
    nevalti op 06-07-2017
    Brilliant tools, as Bahco usually are. The 6 sided sockets are 'gentle' on the nuts and cannot round off any corners. The sockets etc lock securely to the ratchets and are removed by pressing the central button. Everything works well and the casting, machining & plating are perfect. Rather oddly though, the crows-foot spanners are polished but everything else is a nice satin finish. The selection of tools is good with the sole exception that there isn't a plug spanner for my Honda lawnmower.
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