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Solo Rugspuit membraan 473D-12 l - 4015966473023 | Tankmateriaal: Polyethyleen | Pompsysteem: Handmatig | Type pomp: Membraan | Tankvolume: 12 l | Maximale werkdruk: 4 BAR | Verstelbare spuitdop: Ja | Slanglengte: 1.3 m | Draagbaar: Ja | Totale lanslengte: 500 mm | Manometer: Nee | Hoogte: 518 mm

Artikelnummer: 473DSP | Snelcode: ufj6ry | EAN: 4015966473023

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    Merk Solo
    Tankmateriaal Polyethyleen
    Pompsysteem Handmatig
    Type pomp Membraan
    Tankvolume 12 l
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    Categorie Landbouw
    Categorie Tuin & Park
    Categorie Winkel & Werkplaats
    Categorie Tuin-, Park- & Bosbouwtechniek
    Categorie Veldspuittechniek
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    Omschrijving van Solo Rugspuit membraan 473D-12 l

    • Professioneel gebruik: landschapsarchitecten, dienstverleners, huismeesters, tuinspecialisten en op de boerderij
    • Nauwkeurig sproeien met geringe inspanning
    • Eenvoudig te vullen en te reinigen
    • Comfortabel te dragen met gelijkmatige gewichtsverdeling op de rug en de schouders
    • Geen overschrijding van de maximale bedrijfsdruk


    • Vulopening: 108 mm
    • Cilinder: 45 mm
    • Ruim assortiment accessoires verkrijgbaar
    • Professioneel sproeiapparaat voor het dragen op de rug
    • Membraanpomp
    • Vervaardigd van UV-bestendige kunststof
    • Robuuste pomphendel van metaal
    • Bestendige afdichtingen voor vrijwel alle herbiciden
    • Indrukwekkend sproeivermogen
    • Handmatig instelbare drukregelaar
    • Ergonomische vorm van het reservoir
    • Lichte bediening van de pomp
    • Grote vul
    • En reinigingsopening
    • Brede, gevoerde draagriemen
    • Pomp en hendel bij de montage individueel voor links
    • En rechtshandigen aanpasbaar


    • Complete rugspuit
    • Voorgemonteerde lans en slang
    • Onderdelen
    • En montagehandleiding
    • Sproeiers
    • Etiketten voor identificatie van de inhoud
    Vraag en antwoord

    Is deze spuit ook betand tegen azijnzuur?

    Nee, deze spuit is niet bestand tegen azijnzuur.

    9 beoordelingen

    John op 19-04-2022
    I am very pleased with this Solo model. I previously had a 4-gallon Solo sprayer with a harness which did not fit me at all since i ended up pumping the handle with my finger tips. The harness was a hassle to put on and take off for multiple sprays. I can just swing on the 3-gallon sprayer and go. The pump handle fits me well and pressurizes the cylinder rapidly.
    Scott op 15-10-2021
    I have used the diaphragm solo pump for many years. This is my 5th purchase. I went with the 3 gallon size because of my age and the reduce weight of the smaller volume. The one I purchase last year had a drip when it arrived. The pump tightened up on me so I am unable to use. Hence the replacement purchase this year. I was wondering if the material used in the diaphragm has change. The first purchase seemed to last forever. I miss the adjustable pressure and I had a three nozzle boom with my first purchase.
    oody2005 op 03-09-2021
    I had used a solo for many years but the last one had a pumping problem after about 5 years of use. I have roses and use a sprayer many times a month, I ordered a Chapin and it worked well for a while but after about 6 months it was hard to pump and spray. I took it apart and it worked better and the in another 4-5 months, it vapored locked and two hands could not get it to pump. I was back to the solo. Delivery was good and I am so pleased with the sprayer. No leaking and once you pump, it will spray for awhile before needing more pumping and the adjustable nozzle is very nice. I will stick with this brand.
    Ian op 02-09-2021
    I have a front and rear garden Nothing grand but absolutely hate lawn maintainance when using those cheap hand held dispensers. Looking to upgrade did maybe think a 10litre commercial grade back model maybe a bit excessive for my needs but no I'm converted ! No blockages just a continuous spray which is obtained by using the side handle that can be assembled to suit left or right handed and operated whilst strapped to the users back. Result - No constant bending. Better control. So less waste and better results with minimal effort. It maybe a considered purchase when looking to use solely in a domestic setting but you get a lot for your money and being built to a higher price point it simply works and has exceeded my expectations. My only slightly negative observation is the weight of 10 litres of liquid carried on your back maybe to much for some. However as my wife observed you also get to act out- Ghostbusters by zapping those weeds with your pronton back pack and wand. Priceless! Minder
    Terry op 18-08-2021
    Great product. Bought this to replace another Solo sprayer that I used for 25 years. Looks like they have cheapened this model up somewhat (straps thinner, no choice of pressure setting inside tank), but still s great sprayer. Hope it lasts as long as the last one.
    Anoniem op 23-02-2021
    Are rezervor mare, tija lunga si duze usor de schimbat. Stropeste bine, uniform si are raza mare de actiune. Imi place ca functioneaza usor, fara sa se opreasca sau sa se unfunde. Pro: Usor Simplu de folosit Contra: Presiunea putea sa fie mai mare
    Von op 03-08-2020
    In the beginning I used cheap carry pump-up lawn sprayers. I needed a backpack sprayer. I tried a cheap Hudson backpack sprayer and liquid slopped through the tank cap. I returned that backpack sprayer in a hurry. I bought a 4-gallon Solo diaphragm-pump backpack sprayer from Gempler's in 1999 or 2000. I considered it state of the art at the time. I got my money's worth out of it several times I suppose in the 20 years I used it. I did have liquid slop through the tank cap, but I fixed that with a milk jug cap under the vent hole. Relieve pressure before changing the pressure setting! Drain it before freezing! Take care of a Solo by the book and it will take care of you. The big problem with my sprayer was when rebuild time came around, it was very hard to get the pressure cylinder out of the tank. I thought if it's that hard to get apart, how hard is it going to be to put it back together right? And then there's that locally built tool that is a real pain to build locally. Nowadays I see the state of the art backpack sprayers are "no leak." Minder
    Gavin Large op 13-05-2020
    Very light to use,excellent product and price,the control nozzle does spray were you want it to go to. Highly recommend as it was to me.
    Reluctant diy op 26-06-2018
    very good value, I have looked at various backpack sprayers but this one is well ahead of the others for its price.
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