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Solo Rugspuit 425-15 l Basic - 4015966425244, 425SPBASIC | Tankmateriaal: Polyethyleen | Pompsysteem: Handmatig | Type pomp: Zuiger | Tankvolume: 15 l | Maximale werkdruk: 4 BAR | Verstelbare spuitdop: Ja | Slanglengte: 130 cm | Draagbaar: Ja | Totale lanslengte: 500 mm | Manometer: Nee

Artikelnummer: 425SPBASIC | Snelcode: s8gkce

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    Artikelnummer 425SPBASIC
    Merk Solo
    Verpakkingseenheid Per stuk
    Snelcode s8gkce
    EAN / GTIN 4015966425244
    Andere artikelnummers 425SPBASIC
    Merk Solo
    Tankmateriaal Polyethyleen
    Pompsysteem Handmatig
    Type pomp Zuiger
    Tankvolume 15 l
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    Categorie Landbouw
    Categorie Tuin & Park
    Categorie Overige
    Categorie Nieuw
    Categorie Winkel & Werkplaats
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    Omschrijving van Solo Rugspuit 425-15 l Basic

    • Professioneel gebruik: landschapsarchitecten, dienstverleners, huismeesters, tuinspecialisten, eigen tuin en op de boerderij
    • Nauwkeurig sproeioppervlak
    • Minimale inspanning
    • Eenvoudig te vullen en te reinigen
    • Comfortabel te dragen met gelijkmatige gewichtsverdeling op de rug en de schouders


    • Vulopening: 108 mm
    • Cilinder: 45 mm
    • Ruim assortiment accessoires verkrijgbaar
    • Professioneel sproeiapparaat voor het dragen op de rug
    • Vervaardigd van UV-bestendige kunststof
    • Robuuste pomphendel van metaal
    • Bestendige afdichtingen voor vrijwel alle herbiciden
    • Aanduiding reservoirinhoud
    • Indrukwekkend sproeivermogen
    • Compact en krachtig
    • Ergonomisch design
    • Duurzame sproeilans van 50 cm
    • Grote vul
    • En reinigingsopening
    • Brede, gevoerde draagriemen
    • Pomp en hendel bij de montage individueel voor links
    • En rechtshandigen aanpasbaar


    • Complete rugspuit
    • Voorgemonteerde spuitslang en lans
    • Tankdop
    • Gebruikshandleiding / onderdelenlijst
    • Holle kegelsproeier
    • Etiketten voor identificatie van de inhoud
    Vraag en antwoord

    Er zijn voor dit product nog geen vragen beschikbaar.

    24 beoordelingen

    John op 31-10-2021
    It works perfectly unlike those similar cheaper No 8 ones which last a season or two before failing. I'm a slow learner having gone through four of the inferior ones which are just source of frustration and a load of useless plastic junk. This one feels great to use, the mechansim is so much better and it delivers the spray in a nice fan. It's well worth spending a bit more for quality.
    StumpyAj op 02-08-2021
    This is so much easier than carrying one on your back, for a large garden I highly recommend this wheeled sprayer. Simple to assemble and straight forward to use, the handle being padded makes it comfortable while pulling along. Light weight, simple to fill and easy to clean after use.
    Anoniem op 15-06-2021
    Meine gleiche Rückenspritze aus den Sechzigern des vergangenen Jahrhunderts hatte ihren Geist aufgegeben. Mit einem Ersatzteilsatz hätte ich sie wohl noch einmal reparieren können. Da die Trageriemen zerschlissen, bzw. durch Lederriemen ersetzt waren, habe ich mich zu einem Neukauf entschlossen. SOLO liefert sehr gute und lange haltbare Produkte! G.Robbel
    Anoniem op 28-04-2021
    Tragegurt hat null comfort, Den Standart Gurt solle man wenigstens einen Bauchgurt verpassen. Erleichtert das Pumpen ungemein. Vor allem bei fastleere Spritze. Dann drückt sich die Spritze nach hinten weg und man kriegt die Pumpe nicht zu Ende gedrü kt.
    Anoniem op 23-04-2021
    Este usor de folosit, este ergonomic si foarte comod. De drag lucrez cu el. Recomand! Pro: practic Contra: nu am
    Dardo op 16-04-2021
    Brilliant bit of kit.does what it says on the tin fast delivery with a quality products that is built to last.
    Graham op 17-03-2021
    I ordered the Sprayer on line and it was delivered really quickly. It came well wrapped and secure. The book of instructions for the simple assembly and correct manner of use was incredible. I use the sprayer almost every day to keep my fruit trees well protected from insects. I would recommend the sprayer for private and commercial use being a safe and robust item easily carried when loaded I am a OAP and find it light and safe to carry around. A great piece of spraying equipment.
    Mrkeefor op 02-03-2021
    Works great for rinsing my bike after a muddy ride before putting it away, much quicker than getting the hose out. Also good for rinsing degreaser off the chain without drenching the bearings. Slight issue of mine is it cannot be used without the lance. It dismantle easily enough for cleaning but the nozzle has a different sized thread than the main trigger mechanism so It only fits On the long lance part. It can squirt up to 4 metres distance if anyone finds that useful
    Guy op 16-02-2021
    I purchased this sprayer hoping that the quality would be better than others on the market. I was not disappointed - this sprayer is of a great quality and performance. It worked a treat around the garden - primarily weed spraying.
    Rory op 15-01-2021
    Good product. Well made. Excellent spray pattern. Do not buy the Number 8 version. It's rubbish. Spend the bit extra, and get this one instead.
    Pete op 14-01-2021
    Works well. This is the second one we've bought so we can easily run herbicide in one and nutrients in the other without constant deep cleaning. The spray arm doesn't conveniently attach like other brands we've had in the past, and the strap is a bit thin and rough which you notice when it's full and heavy. Otherwise, a great product.
    ExAeroRetired op 23-10-2020
    I have used this on a 1400 sq. mtr. Bowling green to apply liquid feed. A fantastic piece of kit. The ease of use is great, with a choice of 4 pressure settings to choose from. It is comfortable to carry, well made and the ergonomic pump handle is adjustable to suit all. If you require a professional sprayer, that’s up to the job in hand, then this is the one for you.
    MarkNC2020 op 27-08-2020
    Key to taking care of your own landscaping safely, efficiently and economically is to use the right equipment. I use several of these sprayers for various chemicals (eg: Round Up, Weed-B-Gone, iHome Defense insecticide, 7-Liquid, etc. My original unit is 20 years old and works like new. Parts are readily available. The weight distribution, pump arm and hose wand are ergonomically designed to be easy on the lower back and arms. Highly recommend these units.
    jmac1706 op 30-06-2020
    The title says it all. Its light years apart from the cheapie one Ive used up till now. Theyve all failed pretty quickly but the build quality of this is very different. It feels light but its robust. It builds up pressure quickly and theres no dripping or leaking from the neck of the bottle. The spray nozzle allows for fine adjustment and the finest spray setting is very fine indeed. Worth paying the extra for this build quality.
    waltcain op 23-06-2020
    After a fair bit of searching, we finally found this excellent product. Spot on if you're a bit of a gardener and need a long nose watering can for your pots and seedlings etc. The pressure is great via the pump handle and the nozzle/spray pattern is adjustable too - from a fine mist to a big squirt as it were. A shroud arond the nozzle also helps to enclose the spray pattern, and the nozzle itself is directable. This was designed by a gardener I'll wager. Perfect - highly recommended!
    Blanche op 05-06-2020
    Unfortunately this model was unavailable at the time of purchase so I went in-store and purchased a similar product which worked perfectly for me. I do however already own another larger Solo Weed sprayer and it is a fantastic product that I still use. This was the reason why I originally tried to purchase this brand of weed sprayer.
    Anoniem op 12-05-2020
    usoara si excelenta in utilizare Pro: Robusta Contra: nu am
    CindyV op 09-05-2020
    I bought this Solo weed sprayer for my small garden maintenance business. I wanted something that was easy to transport yet efficient, and that’s exactly what this is. I’ve had two other small sprayers and the nozzles have been dismal, with just a trickle of spray coming out they took ages to do just a small area. Granted, this Solo model is a bit more expensive but very worth the extra dollars. It is very easy and light to carry and the pump mechanism is great and not at all strenuous. But the main feature is the incredible nozzle and rate of spray. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it could have some sort of padding on the shoulder strap. It’s fine for a few minutes use, but after 10min the strap started to cut into my shoulder. I fixed it by adding my own strap padding, but it would have been nice for it to have been included. But threats just a small issue - overall I’m very pleased with my purchase.
    Anoniem op 16-09-2019
    Usor de folosit pentru ca are curele si il pot pune in spate si astfel imi raman libere mainile. Stropesc foarte repede cu el, iar presiunea este foarte buna. Pro: Stropeste usor si bine Contra: Nu
    German engineering op 18-04-2019
    Solo products are so perfected over the years, their reputation surpassed my imagination. I purchased straight away and was not disappointed. My sprayer functions effortlessly. I have years ahead to enjoy it’s functionality and flawless spraying.
    Anoniem op 13-06-2018
    Made for the purpose of spraying .
    gwizzer op 10-04-2018
    Had cheaper backpack sprayer's in the past but this is far better than any of the others. I thought this was a bit over what i wanted to pay but needed something reliable for my large garden. I suppose you only get what you pay for. Highly recommend.
    GardeningRoberts op 16-07-2016
    Very comfortable sprayer. Seems to be well made. Adjustable spay pressure which is handy for herbicides also like the large folding handle on the top
    estate op 09-06-2016
    I have tried 2 other sprayers in past years but the solo knapsack is the best ever for price quality and comfort would recomend to anyone
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