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Polet Tubtrugs 15ltr groen - 729848001542, TTSP15G, 3207804977 | Hoogte: 160 mm | Diameter: 390 mm | Capaciteit: 15 l

Artikelnummer: TTSP15G | Snelcode: 2jaevd | EAN: 729848001542

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    Artikelnummer TTSP15G
    Merk Polet
    Verpakkingseenheid Per stuk
    Snelcode 2jaevd
    EAN / GTIN 729848001542
    Andere artikelnummers 3207804977, TTSP15G
    Merk Polet
    Hoogte 160 mm
    Diameter 390 mm
    Capaciteit 15 l
    Categorie Landbouw
    Categorie Tuin & Park
    Categorie Winkel & Werkplaats
    Categorie Handgereedschap
    Categorie Fruit- en wijnbouwtechniek
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    Omschrijving van Polet Tubtrugs 15ltr groen

    • Industrie, land
    • En tuinbouw, veeverzorging, etc.


    • ·Draagvermogen tot 250 kg ·Verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren en formaten ·UV-en vorstbestendig ·Toepassing: tuinieren, huishouden, hobby, bouw, landbouw, veeteelt, manege,… ·Kleur: groen
    • Multifunctioneel in gebruik
    • Vervaardigd uit 100% zuivere polyethyleen
    • Superflexibel
    • UV
    • En vorstbestendig
    • Zéér sterk
    • Tubtrugs® is een flexibele multifunctionele kuip/emmer.
    • Industrie, land
    • En tuinbouw, veeverzorging, etc.Tubtrugs® is een flexibele multifunctionele kuip/emmer.
    Vraag en antwoord

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    26 beoordelingen

    Dirt Lover op 19-06-2022
    Love the size; perfect for planting. I can keep things separate but close to me (soil, compost, yard waste), not so big that the tub is so heavy. Love how soil does not stick to it, easy to rinse clean.
    Linda op 23-05-2022
    This product has multiple uses. I really like the handles. It is light and flexible. Will be purchasing other sizes as well.
    Mary Ann op 11-04-2022
    I could use more of these. Perfect for stabilizing groceries, etc in hatchback, a moving workspace around the house and the yard. The shallow depth keeps means nothing's buried. I like knowing it's recycled material.
    E op 14-11-2021
    I got it for keeping my table/floors neat while transplanting. It's a good size/height for wetting smal ammout of seed starting mix/potting soil, fill pots, making soil blocks, etc. It can carry fair bit of water, but it's hard to poor it gently onto your plants.
    Anoniem op 13-08-2021
    Flexibler und stabiler Futtereimer. Da mein Pony gerne hereintritt, ihn über den halben Paddock schiebt und an den Rändern knabbert, muss dieser Artikel viel bei uns aushalten. Er ist sehr wiederstandsfähig und Robust. Ich würde kein anderes Produkt mehr für die Fütterung im Außenbereich verwenden. Er ist leicht zu reinigen und dank seiner auffälligen Farbe können alle im Stall den Eimer dem richtigen Pony "auftischen". Würde mich natürlich freuen, wenn der Eimer in verschiedenen Farben erhältlich wäre.
    Fiona S op 09-08-2021
    I wanted to use it in the hot weather for our dog to cool down. It was just the job and I also used it to play a splashing ball game with him by throwing the ball in. I realised that it would be so useful in other ways as a storage box so it was an excellent buy. Very good value. And I would recommend it!
    Maren K. op 01-07-2021
    Genial! Quatschkopf-Pony kann reintreten/drauftreten und es mit den Zähnen durch die Gegend werfen beim nach-mehr-Betteln nach dem Aufessen, aber nix geht kaputt. Super robust durch die Flexibilität des Materials. Grössenauswahl top!\nWichtig war mir auch, dass es lebensmittelecht ist.
    Moira B op 21-12-2020
    This is an excellent product & delivery was on time too. I bought this as a paw washing tub for my puppy. Once he got used to it - indoors with no water in it, just kibble - he was then more than happy to use it outdoors for it's intended purpose. Without being told to, he now goes into it on his way in from our mud bath of a garden. I was intending to include a photo but can't see how to add one to the review.
    kerrleac_0 op 02-12-2020
    Strong and sturdy, does not get affected by temperatures. I have quite a few now, purchased over the years. I use them for chicken dust baths and now as duck ponds. My ducks are the large Muscovies so they prefer to splash and preen standing in the water rather than swim like the usual ducks. And seeing as they now have 2 more to play in, they are delighted. Thank you
    Robin C op 30-09-2020
    I like this tub a lot. it's easy to carry around with one hand (because it's flexible), and it's a great size for dumping weeds into the lawn and leaf bag without spilling over. It cleans real easily and dries quickly. Even though it is flexible, it still feels really sturdy. I want to get more, maybe a taller one for larger pruning and trimming projects.
    Leilani op 02-09-2020
    Got this to help with working in the garden. It's the perfect size for gathering vegetables or weeding the vegetable beds. Sometimes I need a larger container, but mostly I work a small section of the garden at a time so this is great. The purple is really pretty and stands out in the garden and is easy to spot amongst the plants.
    "Anonymous" op 26-08-2020
    Absolutely great strong tub! Exactly as expected and what I was looking for to act as a bath for very young children on a camping trip. We used the deeper tub we bought in the end from this company which too is excellent. But this one can be used as a handy washing basket for now and also many uses in the future. Fast delivery too! Would recommend!
    Anoniem op 21-07-2020
    I use this for a lot of purposes. It's sturdy and flexible, and shallow enough to use to harvest tomatoes. The only issue I've ever had with them is that, if left outside for a long time in the sun, the plastic will become brittle and I'm managed to break one. But nothing (including myself) can stand up to the Texas sun for months, so that's not a knock.
    Anoniem op 08-07-2020
    I've only just received this - and got the lid too - but already wish I had 3-4 more and some in the bigger size too. I've been using it mostly with gardening accouterments and to assist with various curbside pickups and deliveries, but imagine these would be immeasurably useful in closets - hats, gloves, etc. - or for toys or, for the crafting set, for yarn, etc. The possibilities are endless. I hope it holds up well!
    Anoniem op 02-07-2020
    I have a new potting bench (finally) and it has one shelf on the bottom. I had several older trugs and wanted to have nice new ones for the new bench. I bought several larger ones and several shallower ones to keep under the bench for dirt, compost, tools, etc. They do feel flimsier than the older ones I had but maybe they will be just as durable anyway. I hope so. Pardon the chair on top of the bench in the photo. As I typed this, it was the only photo I had on file.
    smiffy260849 op 24-06-2020
    Anoniem op 25-05-2020
    I carry seedlings to the raised beds, sturdy and sides tall enough to protect as climb the stairs.Mix compost, worm castings and base soils when planting seeds in winter inside the house.Gathering veg and fruit for harvest.Try to always put away but still soft and firm even though in sun a lot. Not brittle or cracking like others containers when left out. Also no smell of plastic or rubber.Love it!
    Anoniem op 21-05-2020
    I have a large trug of the same material but it sits idle except for big clean up job. So I originally purchased the smaller trug for cuttings, gathering fruit, veggies from garden to kitchen. etc.. Great! Then I kept being inspired: Love it for getting seed into bird feeders, washing small items, picking up around the house and relocating, potting plants (it catches the soil), and best of all...great foot soaker. Only as limited as your imagination. Flexible and easy to handle. Love it! Great practical gift, too.
    Anoniem op 10-05-2020
    I bought 2 different colors of the 4 gallon tubtrug to hold my puppy's ever growing collection of toys. It works great!! On occasion she has used the tubtrug itself as a toy for a short period of time and it has held up to her new teeth. She has learned that the tub is not a toy. The size is perfect to hold a good number of toys and it is shallow enough so it is easy for our little girl to access her toys. The tub is also easy to clean!
    Anoniem op 15-04-2020
    Great for mixing soil. It's a simple product, and if it can stand up to sunlight it will be useful for everything in the garden - - weed collection, soaking seedlings before planting, harvesting... Simple is best! Very useful. Might have been nice to be oval shape, but the round has been surprisingly useful so far.
    Anoniem op 22-09-2019
    you know what a mess it is to fill thistle seed feeders. the tiny seeds go everywhere. SOOOO... I put the feeder in this tote, fill it up, letting the seeds go wherever they want since it is now located in the tote. When I am done, I then take the tote, bend it to make it easier to pour and pour the excess seeds back into the bag.
    gerrysearope op 22-09-2017
    Tubtrugs tubs are made to last unlike many others that easily tear. I am sure the tubs and buckets will still be going even when I kick one.
    Kathryn C op 01-02-2017
    Just the right size, lots of colours to choose from and arrived promptly.
    Anoniem op 29-10-2016
    Excellent product, all in a variety of colours which I wanted to sort out Morning and Evening feeds..
    Tom K op 17-08-2015
    I bought these to use as ice buckets at our upcoming wedding and they're perfect, food safe and well made and robust. Delivered quickly and well packaged.
    Shirley P op 10-08-2014
    Good tubs, easy to clean and decent size.
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