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Matabi Drukspuit 1,5 l IK MULTI 1.5 - 8414685101709 | Tankmateriaal: Polyethyleen | Pompsysteem: Handmatig | Type pomp: Handbediend | Tankvolume: 1.5 l | Verstelbare spuitdop: Ja | Draagbaar: Ja | Manometer: Nee | Origineel nummer: 8.17.71

Artikelnummer: SPM81771 | Snelcode: rm4sj4 | EAN: 8414685101709

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    Merk Matabi
    Tankmateriaal Polyethyleen
    Pompsysteem Handmatig
    Type pomp Handbediend
    Tankvolume 1.5 l
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    Categorie Landbouw
    Categorie Tuin & Park
    Categorie Winkel & Werkplaats
    Categorie Tuin-, Park- & Bosbouwtechniek
    Categorie Veldspuittechniek
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    Omschrijving van Matabi Drukspuit 1,5 l IK MULTI 1.5 - 8414685101709

    • Voor het reiningen en desinfecteren in werkplaatsen en in de industrie.
    • Mogelijkheid tot het monteren van verschillende spuitkoppen.


    • Veiligheidsventiel werktbij 2.5 bar


    • Drukspuit
    • Extra spuitkop FE80/0.3/3
    • Grijs
    Vraag en antwoord

    Er zijn voor dit product nog geen vragen beschikbaar.

    33 beoordelingen

    Gary B. op 09-11-2021
    Great sprayer and very well made I use it for my brake clean fluid it sprays at a good pressure so it's ideal for my needs.
    Anoniem op 09-10-2021
    Sweatshirt passt. Würde es wieder bestellen
    katrinzettle0 op 12-07-2021
    It looks adorable in my bathroom. I look at it everytime I go to turn the light off and on.
    Rizwan H. op 28-06-2021
    Amazing product that’s makes life easy while not wanting to use a pressure clean but get perfect foam wash and hose off!
    Brett H. op 12-06-2021
    The IK range of sprayers etc are just awesome! Work well and price point for a top end product is well worth it… Highly recommended
    Grumpy m. op 29-05-2021
    Had mine for nearly two years now, used mainly for car wheel wok with P& L Brake buster. Somehow I got caught up in cleaning the house and next minute I’m on shower cleaning duty. Given the cleaning tool of the trade I defaulted to the garage. Grabbed this little Beaty and some degreaser. Well the bathroom came up a treat and my cleaning prowess ensured I’m back in the good books. Two things the OEM could fix. Better fill graduation marking with a clear fill window and, hand gripping lines on the bottle and spray head. The bottle is too smooth to grip if your hands a wet or soapy and its not ideal to use the nozzle or handle as twist levers.
    Cameron R. op 25-04-2021
    Purchased sprayer to use with Oxalic Acid to remove bore stains from my colourbond fence. Have used it 3 times so far with no loss in pressure or malfunctions from decaying seals. Fingers crossed it goes the distance. ????????
    Cayden A. op 21-04-2021
    Creates a great lasting foam and perfect in conjunction with P&S Breakbuster!
    Mariusz Franciszek op 12-04-2021
    Los mejores pulverizadores del mercado.
    Luther C. op 23-03-2021
    Works exactly as intended. Extremely thick foam, makes cleaning my wheels a dream
    Steve L. op 09-02-2021
    Excellent foam production for smaller jobs. I use it for wheels, engine bays, door jams etc. Foam can be tailored to your needs by swapping the internal valves supplied or varying the soap concentration. Easily out performs the foam lances that attach to garden hoses.
    stevflemin_3 op 06-12-2020
    Ive had it now for about 6 months. Use it for car detailing. I use it with diluted degreasers. Works as it should. Just be careful not to over pump, if full, the release valve will pop up. Otherwise, a good little pump sprayer. I would buy it again.
    Anoniem op 01-12-2020
    Excelente cumple lo que promete !!
    shoxboy1 op 10-11-2020
    I have always brought these over the years for car valeting as they are such a solid well made product.
    kisdon op 16-09-2020
    Exceptional bit of kit, easy to use and effective.
    Rod P. op 02-08-2020
    Great product, easy to use for the many around the house jobs.
    Anoniem op 20-06-2020
    Pulveriza muy bien
    cristina op 13-06-2020
    buena calidad y buena pulverizacion, trae dos boquillas para pelverizar mas o menos, buena compra
    b_elzibub op 11-05-2020
    Ive used similar but cheaper sprayers, but they have only tended to last a year at most. However, since using the IK-12BS over the last few years, I have no complaint with regard to its suitability, reliability and build quality. I would highly recommend.
    Zoran K. op 11-12-2019
    Excellent product Much better than spray bottles
    Darrell M. op 24-11-2019
    Best sprayer I’ve used super easy no fuss works sooooo good thanks . Two Thumbs up!!
    Anoniem op 07-08-2019
    Does exactly what I wanted , oiling my decking made easy.
    miguetianguisten0 op 27-02-2019
    El producto excelente calidad ya lo use y cumple de maravilla con la funcin el unico pero seria el manual de usuario no es muy especfico hay que adivinar algunas cosas.
    mjevolution69 op 22-05-2018
    Wouldnt be without it now Ive had one. Great product for car cleaning will always be using from now on. Quality of item is top notch.
    elec-dec op 06-09-2017
    I purchased this sprayer to transfer paraffin into a pressure lamp and cooker. The sprayer feels very robust and I really like the aperture for filling, the sides of the opening are slopped towards the hole so any spills run into the bottle rather than spilling on the floor. I have only used this for a week and so far so good. My only issue is the cost...they are expensive, but if it last and proves to be reliable then I don't mind spending the money and only time will tell.
    Anoniem op 17-05-2016
    Does the job well. Ensure the hose connectors are tightened regularly as they can work loose during operating owing to twisting the lance.
    contact12367 op 29-04-2016
    If you like a clean car and enjoy cleaning it yourself then the Goiziper sprayer may be a welcome addition. It covers the car in snow foam when used with the appropriate shampoo. The only negative is the metal trigger which tires your hand as you press it. Apart from that it will keep you fit as you pump air into it via the plunger. It holds sufficient water/shampoo to cover a medium sized car. Its easy to carry around the car.
    Anoniem op 11-04-2015
    Well made sprayer, I like the fact that it can be used repeatedly and with a variety of different types of liquid, solvent or water based.
    Anoniem op 26-03-2015
    Really nice spayer. Many cheaper ones out there with poorer pumps
    Anoniem op 15-08-2014
    A high quality sprayer that did the job perfectly, easy to use and clean when finished, highly recommended.
    Anoniem op 19-07-2014
    Used it last week its a good sprayer, just a shame I had to buy the extension tube from another supplier, could not find it on your web site.
    Anoniem op 25-06-2014
    Despite the initial issues with the nozzles this is an excellent product. I used it to spray my fencing and worked great and not very messy.
    Anoniem op 25-06-2014
    Despite the initial issues with the nozzles this is an excellent product. I used it to spray my fencing and worked great and not very messy.
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