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gopart Buis borgpen verzinkt - SLP1040GP | Verzinkt | 10 mm | Verzinkt

Artikelnummer: SLP1040GP | Snelcode: 9zy9

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    Artikelnummer SLP1040GP
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    Verpakkingseenheid Per stuk
    Snelcode 9zy9
    EAN / GTIN 8716106305261
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    Omschrijving van gopart Buis borgpen verzinkt

    gopart Buis borgpen verzinkt - SLP1040GP | Verzinkt | 10 mm | Verzinkt in Voertuig / Hef- en koppeldelen / Pennen en borging / Borgpennen en -veren

    per stuk
    Buisborgring (voor lengteverstelling)
    Technische informatie
    A (mm) = pendiameter
    B (mm) = penlengte
    C (mm) = voor buis diameter
    A (mm)
    10 mm
    40 mm
    40 mm

    10 beoordelingen

    Eric op 22-07-2021
    Bon produit
    alittlevixen op 07-07-2021
    Chaussures que j'ai pu tester sous toutes les conditions durant l'événement TMB x On Running. 80km, 5000m D+, boue, neige, pluie, terrains secs, cailloux, racines, montées et descentes. Points positifs : Très bon maintien et confort, pare-pierre robuste, bonne déperlance, séchage rapide, les lacets ne se desserrent pas, le mesh est résistant aux accrocs, bonne accroche si passage à rythme tranquille (je ne suis pas rapide, donc je ne peux pas savoir si l'accroche est bonne en allant vite), très bon amorti. Points négatifs : poids, trop élevé pour un gabarit tel que le mien, peu de ressenti du sol et des irrégularité (atout pour certains, inconvénients pour d'autres selon les habitudes), lié au drop de 8 et à la hauteur du stack. En conclusion : chaussures géniales pour les rando-courses de plusieurs jours, à un rythme modéré et sur des terrains relativement roulants, que ce soit terre, boue, neige. Le crampon n'est pas trop agressif et permet de passer sur de la route. Je la recommande pour de longues distances, où la vitesse n'est pas la priorité et où il a besoin de maintien et polyvalence. En revanche, dans les terrains rocailleux et techniques, il a un manque de ressenti au niveau du sol (par rapport à ce dont j'ai l'habitude comme sensations). Très agréablement surprise par ces chaussures, parfaites pour les chemins du TMB. Minder
    Anoniem op 20-06-2021
    Top schoenen. Echt super mooi en vooral ook fijn dat weinigen dit gave mooie merk kennen
    AdeleR op 03-04-2021
    I see people everywhere wearing OnCloud shoes and they all say they love them. Last year I tried the OnCloud Running shoes and I walked my dog about a mile in them once to test them out and got huge blisters on the back of my heels like the other reviewer’s pictures. These trainers aren’t as padded or stiff around the heel as the running shoes I tried. These have more of a knit upper. I wear a 7.5 in flats/heels. Ordered an 8.5 in these and they’re wider than expected. Plenty of room in the toe box and not tight at all on the heel but my heel doesn’t come out. No blisters from my dog walk. Ran about 3 miles in them the other day and you can definitely feel the road but I prefer a minimalist feel anyway. I hope they will hold up!
    Anoniem op 12-03-2021
    Schon der Cloudstratus, welchen ich 12 Monate benutzte, hat meinen Anforderungen nach maximaler Dämpfung bestens entsprochen. Für mich war dieser Schuh nach Jahren der Odyssee DIE grosse Offenbarung zur Kontrolle meiner Unterschenkelprobleme. Aber neu: Der Cloudultra passt noch besser an meine Füsse. Aufgrund des (von mir so genannten) "Monohullsystems" wird der Oberfuss perfekt umschlossen, ein deutlicher Fortschritt gegenüber dem klassischen "Zungensystem". Der Vorfussbereich ist geringfügig weniger weit geschnitten, sodass die Zehen den minimal erforderlichen Halt finden. Das Laufen fühlt sich im Vergleich zum Cloudstratus leichter an. Ich bin auf Anhieb total begeistert vom Cloudultra, für mich nochmals ein Fortschritt gegenüber dem bereits hervorragenden Cloudstratus.
    2DLV9 op 30-01-2021
    This is my first Cloudultra pair of running shoes and I was itching to try them; very different than my favorite running shoe brands. Putting my foot into the shoes was not pleasant and had to change to a very thin sock so my foot would fit. The portion of the upper material is rubbery almost like wet-suit material and very tight even with loosening the laces as much as I could. It remained that way during the two week trial. That said, once my feet were comfortably in the shoes, it felt like my feet were bouncing off the ground with each step so remarkable cushioning even with just walking. Walked/ran on wet, muddy, icy conditions and the shoes held incredibly well. I found them to be very comfortable with great stability, as I am a pronator, during the 4-6 mile trials at a time. The toe box just right for my somewhat widish feet, not too snug, not too loose; same for the mid-foot and excellent cradling of the heel. Really great pair of running shoes except for the entry of the shoe which was a bear even though I ordered a 7.5 size which is my usual running shoe size because I like a bit of extra room (dress shoe size 7). I would have given these shoes a 4.5 stars because of that issue but the overall comfort and stability deserved 5 stars. Minder
    KB Outdoors op 28-01-2021
    This shoe looks great. It is a beautiful fashion-forward shoe with reflective detailing, that transitions well as Athleisure. On the technical side, if you're playing ultimate frisbee, running downhill on loose dirt / pebbles, or have a grassy trail; these are the conditions that best showcase the performance. These shoes also have innovation in the laces! The FlipRelease clasp allows you to easily make a bit of extra room in the forefoot after you’ve been running awhile, or to cinch up the forefoot before heading downhill. It’s the bit of adjustment that is VERY useful as your feet swell during the run. In the past, I generally didn’t bother to untie-loosen-retie my shoes mid-run, and I didn’t realize how much difference this minor adjustment in the forefoot makes. Other Notes: This shoe runs true to size and seems to favor a mid-foot strike. Overall, the ride is stiff. For running on pavement or cement, I found the strike to be too hard. But, for running on loose gravel / pebbles / dirt, this means that every stride is confident and lands firmly. Particularly going downhill, the way the laces and upper tie around the inner “sock” allow for a secure fit and the treads are grippy enough to run with confidence. For those that have a mid-foot strike and like a solid feel / firm ride, I would recommend this shoe. I found that these shoes need to be broken in. The first 3-4 miles and first day is not going to feel like miles 14+. Initially, the tongue at your ankle is stiff, but will become flexible and fit better after the first few runs. Minder
    HikeEverywhere op 26-01-2021
    These shoes look to be, and feel really durable which I love to see. These could easily last a couple seasons which is rare in trail runners. I like the water-tight material used on the lower part of the uppers, it kept my feet nice and dry during a couple days of rain, mud, and snow, while still being plenty breathable due to the airy material used for the rest of the upper. The tread is really great, much better on wet/damp rocks than any shoe, or maybe even boot, that I've used before. Mud was definitely a problem though... there is a deep Y-shaped groove in the tread and it easily fills will mud, but it's really hard to get mud out of there. The holes through the side of the midsole weren't too problematic even in pretty deep mud, but I imagine they could get filled in pretty easily if you're going through the right mix of dirt/mud. The shoe was surprisingly stiff, I was expecting a bit more of a bouncy feel based on the construction of the mid-sole, but the extremely stiff insole and board under it made me feel like I had to run flat-footed. It had a bit of that clunky feel of a new hiking boot due to the stiffness. I'm sure with more use they'll loosen up to what's more my taste. I did like that I couldn't feel rocks, etc. which I've found to be an issue with some thinner and cushier trail runners. I have to bring it up though it's a problem with most running shoe brands, when will shoe manufacturers figure out what shape a foot is? The uppers dug into my (albeit slightly wide) toes making a pretty uncomfortable experience. I'm sure when the upper inevitably blows out at that spot it will be more comfortable. If your foot is pretty much average throughout, then this shoe would be a fine fit, but if you like a good toe box then this probably isn't the choice for you. Minder
    Truffle Shuffle op 21-09-2020
    I bought this shoe seeking a hybrid for running and cross training. I wanted something that wouldn't pound my knees during treadmill intervals, while also affording a stable platform for lifting, etc. This shoe really delivers on both fronts. It's surprisingly lightweight for the amount of cushion -- generous absorption on the heel strike, without being a complete marshmallow. And the lugs on the bottom are wider (moreso than the other On Cloud models) which feels great when doing anything with lateral motion. Material of the upper also appears to be rugged, so I'm hoping I'll get a lot of miles on them without tearing. Toe box is wide too, which feels great. The only thing I don't like about them is the harder plastic strips used in the upper's mid foot. They are tight around my arch and do not stretch much at all. After long sessions of running, I have to take them off for relief. Time will tell if this is an aspect that will "break in." I'll still use the shoe as an all-day walker, but will probably limit runs in them to less than 2 hours. Minder
    Anoniem op 20-10-2019
    First, these are my third pair of On’s and I love these shoes! Because I work outside in a central Florida theme park, I stand and walk all day in all kinds of weather. I recently purchased the waterproof hoping they would keep my feet dry as well as save my legs and back from all the standing I do. Here is what I found with the waterproof version verses the Clouds. Cons: Only one con I've experienced with these shoes and that is the toe curves up shorter than the Clouds I’ve had in the past. Nothing that is negative about that except the tip of my toe hits the end where it didn’t with the Clouds. That’s it for the cons! Pros: Comfort: I am extremely impressed with the comfort these shoes provide through 8 hours of standing on cement all day. I’ve had Nike Air’s in the past and after a couple of hours my legs and back were killing me! I do not experience that fatigue with the On’s! I do not use these for running so I can’t speak to the comfort if you plan to use them for that. Waterproof: Just yesterday I was caught in a downpour and had to walk back to my car through several instant streams and puddles. I was drenched! Got home and was shocked to see that my socks were damp, but not soaked! I wear no show socks and the tops were exposed which wicked the water down but I was amazed at how these shoes protected my feet from the water. Overall, if you’re working outside, standing for long periods of time, running in various weather conditions, these shoes are a must have! Minder
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