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Matabi Drukspuit 7 Multi func. 5L - 8414685100665 | Tankmateriaal: Kunststof | Pompsysteem: Handmatig | Type pomp: Zuiger | Tankvolume: 5 l | Totale lanslengte: 400 mm | Origineel nummer: 8.38.77

Artikelnummer: TOSM077 | Snelcode: wk6njv | EAN: 8414685100665

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    Merk Matabi
    Tankmateriaal Kunststof
    Pompsysteem Handmatig
    Type pomp Zuiger
    Tankvolume 5 l
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    Categorie Landbouw
    Categorie Tuin & Park
    Categorie Winkel & Werkplaats
    Categorie Tuin-, Park- & Bosbouwtechniek
    Categorie Veldspuittechniek
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    Omschrijving van Matabi Drukspuit 7 Multi func. 5L

    • Voor de landbouw, huishoudelijk en industrieël gebruik
    • Viton afdichtingen

    Vraag en antwoord

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    8 beoordelingen

    Jeff C op 27-10-2021
    I ordered 4 cable knit sweaters all in XXL Two colors in cashmere, one that was cashmere/wool, and this cotton one. The cashmere ones were way too small, the cashmere wool one was a tad snug but wearable, and the cotton one was a little big, but I like sweaters to have a little wiggle room. If the cashmere sweaters fit like this, I would buy them in every color, because I love that feel. However, this is a wonderful sweater as well, and I'm happy to have found it. Cable knit sweaters, at least nice ones with definition, have been hard to find for at least a decade. I have a Ralph Lauren V-neck cable knit that is a silk- cashmere blend that I still have that is the absolute best sweater of all time, a true classic....but alas, they stopped making them in 2010. If you think cable knits are hard to find, try finding a V neck cable knit- impossible. Hopefully the classic clothes companies like Ralph Lauren will bring back this old classic. Minder
    Charms240 op 13-10-2021
    This big pony cotton mesh polo shirt was nicer than expected the quality of the shirt is very good it is great material not too thin or to thick just right. My son turning 4 was excited as soon as he saw his shirt he wanted to try it on did not want to take it off he ran and showed it off to his dad and sister, he has been wanting one to match dad. I am so happy I decided on this one it looks great on him and if well taken care of he can wear it when he wants and as long as he wants. I already washed it did not fade or loose color looks just like the first day I took it out of the bag. I love this brand I always gift my father polo shirts he almost has all colors but impossible since they always have great color combinations and styles to match what you love. I will definitely look for more colors for my son I love it can be casual and to go out as well goes with anything shorts or pants or jeans just looks adorable cant wait for his birthday for his photos and new shirt Minder
    NikMik op 12-10-2021
    This is such a handsome little polo from Ralph Lauren. I love the beautiful baby blue color. The fit is perfect, and very true to size. The quality is great and what would be expected from this brand. The pony icon is very prominent and recognizable. It looks so cute on my little guy. There’s also a number 3 embroidered on the right sleeve for a sporty polo look. These polos never disappoint, and always look great.
    Shamsakw op 09-10-2021
    This is such a nice classic polo. I love the bright and cheery yellow color and it’s a nice departure from the standard blues, grays and other dark colors. This is perfect for the spring time with the short sleeves and soft material. The collar is also soft so it doesn’t bother my son. It washes well and comes out of the dryer even softer and ready to wear. The logo is small but distinguishable and the number on the sleeve is a nice touch. It’s sturdy, very good quality and can be worn casually with jeans or pants.
    Evesgarden606 op 07-10-2021
    This shirt is so cute! It’s a bright orange with navy blue accents. The fabric is thick but breathable. I love when you know the fabric is durable enough to last. It has a cute collar and short sleeves. I love that this shirt can be worn casually with some navy basketball shorts and sneakers, or with khakis and dress shoes and both ways will look good. I hand washed this shirt when I got it in case the colors bled, but it was not necessary as the colors didn’t bleed. After 4 washings and drying now this shirt still looks just like it did when I first brought home.
    bruinsjb op 05-10-2021
    Extremely comfortable. This quarter-zip is incredibly soft and beyond comfortable. In addition, it looks GREAT. I usually prefer a full zip, but this quarter-zip works perfect for those business casual days where a full zip doesn't quite work. I do wish it had some pockets, but that would probably take away from the look. I've been wearing this regularly to work on the colder days and love it. Even after quite a few washes, the material is still soft and the color looks perfect. Great addition to my winter wardrobe.
    Ratna op 30-09-2021
    My son who will be 4 plus loves this shirt so much. It fits so well on him. I have chosen size 5 for him as kids out grows soon i went for size up. He falls in to skinny side category. Sleeves are kind of off the shoulder a bit but i am ok with it as it doesn’t look too odd. It just gives the relaxed and comfort look and feel when he wears it. The quality of the polo is so awesome i am looking forward to collect more of these in different colors. Very well designed. This gives nice classy look which suits to any occasion. The big pony signature embroidery on left part of the chest adds good style to the polo t-shirt. This mesh polo t-shirt goes well with either relaxed jeans or with any chinos too. I see no shrinkage after wash and no fading of color too. Impressed with overall look of the t-shirt. Minder
    Wouterschut op 09-03-2021
    Erg tevreden mee. Heb hem vorige maand aangeschaft en de kwaliteit is perfect
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