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Solo Drukspuit 457-7,5 L. - 457SP | Zuigerpomp | 2,6 kg | Nee Ja/Nee - 4015966457009

Artikelnummer: 457SP | Snelcode: cx458y | EAN: 4015966457009

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    Categorie Tuin-, Park- & Bosbouwtechniek
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    Omschrijving van Solo Drukspuit 457-7,5 L.

    per stuk
    Indrukwekkend sproeivermogen
    Grote pomp en brede vulbuis
    Clip voor de sproeilans
    Grote plunjer en pomp
    Uitstekend geschikt voor moeilijk toegankelijke gebieden
    Prima dekking en uitstekend sproeibeeld
    Eenvoudig te vullen en te reinigen
    Clip voor sproeilans, ter voorkoming van beschadigingen
    De optimale druk wordt met minder pompstoten bereikt
    Semi-professioneel en professioneel gebruik
    Robuust reservoir en robuuste pomp
    Zichtbare niveau-indicatie
    Flexibele sproeilans
    Goed zichtbare reservoirinhoud
    Bestendige afdichtingen voor vrijwel alle herbiciden
    Bestaat uit
    - Sproeireservoir
    Flexibele sproeilans
    Twee soorten sproeikoppen
    Technische informatie
    Diameter: 205 mm
    Vulopening: 115 mm
    Cilinder: 42 mm
    Ruim assortiment accessoires verkrijgbaar
    Type pomp
    7.5 l
    2,6 kg
    Max. sproeidruk
    3 bar
    Sproeilans lengte
    50 cm
    Manometer (Ja/Nee)
    Vraag en antwoord

    Er zijn voor dit product nog geen vragen beschikbaar.

    28 beoordelingen

    Lisa op 21-10-2021
    Great quality, has cut my watering time down immensely. I’m Very happy with it
    Anoniem op 08-02-2021
    Foarte bun acest pulverizator. L-am folosit anul trecut si am foarte multumit de felul in care si-a facut treaba. Este robust, are tija lunga si e foarte simplu de folosit. Il recomand cu incredere! Pro: Presiune buna Foarte usor Contra: Nu
    MarkNC2020 op 27-08-2020
    Key to taking care of your own landscaping safely, efficiently and economically is to use the right equipment. I use several of these sprayers for various chemicals (eg: Round Up, Weed-B-Gone, iHome Defense insecticide, 7-Liquid, etc. My original unit is 20 years old and works like new. Parts are readily available. The weight distribution, pump arm and hose wand are ergonomically designed to be easy on the lower back and arms. Highly recommend these units.
    jmac1706 op 30-06-2020
    The title says it all. Its light years apart from the cheapie one Ive used up till now. Theyve all failed pretty quickly but the build quality of this is very different. It feels light but its robust. It builds up pressure quickly and theres no dripping or leaking from the neck of the bottle. The spray nozzle allows for fine adjustment and the finest spray setting is very fine indeed. Worth paying the extra for this build quality.
    waltcain op 23-06-2020
    After a fair bit of searching, we finally found this excellent product. Spot on if you're a bit of a gardener and need a long nose watering can for your pots and seedlings etc. The pressure is great via the pump handle and the nozzle/spray pattern is adjustable too - from a fine mist to a big squirt as it were. A shroud arond the nozzle also helps to enclose the spray pattern, and the nozzle itself is directable. This was designed by a gardener I'll wager. Perfect - highly recommended!
    maddyjane op 17-06-2020
    An excellent bit of kit which works well. Just beware if, like me, your grip isnt great - the top screws on super-securely and I have to get help to open it.
    Blanche op 05-06-2020
    Unfortunately this model was unavailable at the time of purchase so I went in-store and purchased a similar product which worked perfectly for me. I do however already own another larger Solo Weed sprayer and it is a fantastic product that I still use. This was the reason why I originally tried to purchase this brand of weed sprayer.
    Ale op 02-06-2020
    I am very happy so far with this sprayer. I got tired of constantly finding that cheaper versions clogged even after only a few goes even though I cleaned them afterwards. This seems to pump easily and the set up is pretty self-explanatory as well as easy to clean. Well worth the extra $
    Mark op 27-05-2020
    I have 3 diaphragm backpack sprayers all model 485 and I have used them about 200 hrs a year combined for the past 10 years. Among the three I usually needed one or two minor replacement parts a year. Unlike another "S" brand, Solo parts are readily available online for fast and low cost repairs. One sprayer is mostly used with diesel and herbicide and it has held up for the past 5 years. The only upgrade to get is the padded harness with belt which is sold separately.
    petemch70 op 23-05-2020
    A great spray bottle for watering hanging pots. By adjusting the head you get to water the roots and then you get to spray mist the leaves. The nozzle has it's own wee collar which stops the water spraying everywhere.
    DLL op 20-05-2020
    After the cheap Number 8 brand sprayer I brought this seems a lot better. Properly made and sprays a lot better. The Number 8 was just rubbish
    Anoniem op 19-05-2020
    I bought this sprayer after regular failures on cheaper options. So far so good. Way better spray pressure and pattern that has me covering the same ground in about a third of the time.
    QL op 17-05-2020
    Just like the bigger Solo backpack sprayers we have, this one is built solid to last. Flow rate is high compared to those cheaper models, so you can power through your spraying a lot quicker.
    CindyV op 09-05-2020
    I bought this Solo weed sprayer for my small garden maintenance business. I wanted something that was easy to transport yet efficient, and that’s exactly what this is. I’ve had two other small sprayers and the nozzles have been dismal, with just a trickle of spray coming out they took ages to do just a small area. Granted, this Solo model is a bit more expensive but very worth the extra dollars. It is very easy and light to carry and the pump mechanism is great and not at all strenuous. But the main feature is the incredible nozzle and rate of spray. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it could have some sort of padding on the shoulder strap. It’s fine for a few minutes use, but after 10min the strap started to cut into my shoulder. I fixed it by adding my own strap padding, but it would have been nice for it to have been included. But threats just a small issue - overall I’m very pleased with my purchase. Minder
    Nicki13 op 13-04-2020
    I purchased this after reading other reviews, having decided I am fed up with cheaper versions that don't spray well and don't hold their vacuum. I am extremely happy with this product, to the extent that I actually enjoy spraying, it is not just a chore. Highly recommend this.
    Eljayb op 01-10-2019
    I would hate to say how many sprayers I have bought over the years and all have leaked, constantly blocked despite scrupulous filtering for the liquid I was spraying. I read the reviews on this one and decided to give it a go and I am so pleased that I did.
    Anoniem op 29-01-2019
    this sprayer is much better than the older solo sprayer we had, it hold pressure longer and emptys fully, so far we are very happy with it, yours dave munden.
    Anoniem op 12-11-2018
    Produit parfait selon mes attentes.
    Wantsaneasylife op 08-12-2017
    This is the second SOLO 2L sprayer I've had the first having passed away after 10 years constant use. These sprayers are great for light misting jobs such as cleaning leaves or humidifying, down to bringing seedlings along. The Solo 2L pump action pressuriser will not get brittle or perish in month like many inferior sprayers. The SOLO 2L sprayer also has a flexible nozzle with a shield so that you spray only where you want spray to go.
    waverley09 op 05-07-2017
    The 5 litre Solo 456 is ideal for a large garden, easy to use and not too heavy to carry when full. Only used it for weedkiller but was able to control the width of spray so found it was relatively accurate.
    plylerboy op 01-07-2017
    Very versatile sprayer. Changed the sprayer pump handle to my right hand to try it, decided I like it better on the left so I changed it back. Very easy to do that. It pumps up to pressure quickly and it is easy to maintain the pump pressure and continue spraying. I plan to spray a chlorine bleach solution occasionally and this diaphragm sprayer is rated to do that. Very pleased with this purchase.
    2close-encounter op 30-06-2017
    This Solo sprayer holds around twice as much as most of the other sprayers available in this format. It is quite a bit more expensive than other brands but the high quality of the Solo brand does shine through. Also because it is Solo spare parts will be obtainable. Supplied with the standard red fan shaped spray nozzle which is a good all rounder but a large range of nozzles with different spray patterns is available. All pros, no cons to report.
    Roosdog op 22-05-2017
    Our last sprayer broker so easily it was ridiculous and couldn't get spare parts. We researched many opticians and opted for this model. Easy to assemble. Straps that don't undo as you walk along. Handle is brilliantly flexible. The spray is far wider than I expected. Value for money is fab!
    Northern geezer op 11-04-2017
    This is the second one i have bought. The first one is being used for chemical based products while new one will be for watering.The extended reach and flow of water makes it ideal for hanging baskets.
    kevtreach op 18-02-2017
    good quality and price - would recommend
    Anoniem op 20-06-2016
    bon produit
    Anoniem op 08-06-2016
    The shoulder carrying strap is both too short and made of rather insubstantial material for what is a heavy thing when it is full of 5 litres of liquid. Otherwise the product works as advertised.
    tick hater op 12-04-2014
    I use this solely to spay pesticides, mostly for deer ticks. I spray approx 6 gal a month around the wooded perimeter of our property and about 10 feet into the woods. Also use for our roses and lilies, against japanese beetles, etc. Bottom line is that it gets a lot of use. i find the wand is difficult to keep out of my way when putting on the sprayer and I broke it too easily doing that. Some type of holder would be great. Otherwise it has held up well over several years of constant use without repair. until today when the wand control handle broke.
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