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Boomband kit - 8719686000304 | Breedte: 40 mm | Lengte: 0.75 m | Totale lengte: 750 mm | Bladbreedte: 40 mm

Artikelnummer: BB0027 | Snelcode: vwbzvw | EAN: 8719686000304

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    Merk Unbranded
    Breedte 40 mm
    Lengte 0.75 m
    Totale lengte 750 mm
    Bladbreedte 40 mm
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    Categorie Landbouw
    Categorie Tuin & Park
    Categorie Winkel & Werkplaats
    Categorie Handgereedschap
    Categorie Fruit- en wijnbouwtechniek
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    Vraag en antwoord

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    8 beoordelingen

    Moon op 24-09-2021
    This shampoo is the best purchase I have made. I love the scent, and it lingers in the hair for a couple days! I was tired of feeling like my hair didn't smell clean the day after just shampooing, but my hair feels and smells so clean until my next wash with this shampoo. Secondly, I began having an irritated and itchy scalp recently and would get clogged hair follicles for some reason that would appear as acne like bumps, and it's completely gone now. No more bumps and my scalp feels so soothed. Lastly, this is the first shampoo that has finally made my scalp and hair feel hydrated and healthy again. I've spent so much money trying to find the right thing to get my pre-pregnancy hair back, and I finally feel like I have it again. My hair is finally growing again and I'm noticing a lot less hair shedding! Minder
    Anoniem op 22-09-2021
    een zaligheid in de douche
    Cate op 24-03-2021
    I used the regular tea tree shampoo and conditioner in the early 2000's. When we moved and was no longer able to get it anymore I had to switch. I have a ton of fine, moderately oily hair. Unfortunately I would have to shampoo frequently to keep it from getting greasy. I recently began using it again and found this scent. I absolutely love tea tree and lavender together. It a a more natural scent but it's not for everyone. It has helped control and regulate my hairs oil production and leaves it shiny and soft. This whole line is amazing, and I am so glad that I could begin using it again!!
    Han op 31-12-2020
    I had spent the last 6 years dying my hair and blow drying and curling to finally realize that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life maintaining color- treated, damaged hair so I went on a binge of researching and finding the best shampoos and scalp cleansers and treatments to get my gorgeous virgin hair back. I stopped coloring my hair, stopped washing every single day and barely use hot tools to style anymore. I purchased the entire olaplaex system (3,4,5,6,7) and used it until the shampoo and conditioner were gone and then dropped 3,4 and 5 and now only use 6 and 7 which is the bond smoother and the oil after I wash my hair with the Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner and WOW. I have thick, curly, (used to be) course hair and it has never been so healthy and alive. My curls are so soft and bouncy and hardly ever frizzy. Using this shampoo; I only have to wash about twice a week and following it up with the conditioner has enabled me to not have to buy detangling sprays or creams because it makes my hair so soft. And not "Pantene" soft where you can tell your hair has a film over it, just soft enough to not have to use your entire bottle of detangler and rip your hair out with each brush stroke but very genuinely clean. I was weary when I saw their was tea tree oil in it because I cannot stand that smell, but this shampoo isn't over powering enough to make me stop using it and if anything the lavender covers up the tea tree. if you're struggling with brittle, lifeless hair; I highly reccomend giving this a go because I couldn't be happier. PRO TIP: if you don't wash your hair every day, I say buy the smaller of the two sizes and save ya self some $. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week, have very thick hair, and have had the same little bottle for over almost 2 months now. this shampoo lathers amazingly and its very easy to say that the shampoo and conditioner both go a very long way with just a little. Minder
    julia.s op 20-10-2020
    So I'm using this along with the matching conditoner and I'm pretty happy with the set so far. Hair Type: Virgin Fine strands, but a lot Wavy blend of 2A-2C Bra strap length Low/Normal porosity? I have traits from both low/high, so I’m not sure anymore. Hair Concerns: Dry/itchy/oily scalp w/dry ends - fun stuff lol Frizz - Oh, the frizz! Hates coconut oil and protein - my hair gets very brittle and destroyed Since I have lower porosity hair, it takes forreeevverrr to fully wet it. I usually spend the first few minutes massaging my head/roots under the water to get it saturated. I have to shampoo twice in order to actually get a decent lather and feel like my scalp is getting clean. Sometimes I just use the green NYMN shampoo that I have as the first shampoo, but really quick cause that one tends to dry out my scalp. So I pretty much just distrubute the shampoo through my roots enough to help wet my hair more and then use the PM shampoo and really massage my scalp and make sure everything is nice and clean. I use about a nickle/quarter sized glob and that seems to be enough as long as I've already done the first quick shampoo. The smell is nice and pleasant and like the conditioner, I have no complaints. It lathers up really nicely, but rinsing out it does feel a little squeaky clean, but I guess that's kind of normal with shampoos (especially if it has sulfates). I only use this shampoo like once a month (in rotation with other products I use that are sulfate-free), so I don't really notice anything negative. My scalp doesn't get itchy, but it doesn't completly cure it. I still get kind of itchy a day after it's been washed, but I'm not sure what the cause of that is from. Possibly just being dry? It doesn't really help my frizz either but doesn't make it terribly worse like some shampoos have done. Overall, I really like using this duo when I want a good cleaning. It leaves my hair feeling soft, clean, and smells wonderful! Minder
    julia.s op 19-10-2020
    I kept reading about this duo on Reddit for being the more moisturizing products from the Paul Mitchell line. I have to say, I'm pretty impressed! I use this in my rotation of two other duos, so I probably use this like once a month and only have my experience from the occasional use and not consistent back-to-back. The conditioner is pretty concentrated so you don't need that much. I use maybe 3-4 pumps for my medium-length hair? Hair Type: Virgin Fine strands, but a lot Wavy blend of 2A-2C Bra strap length Low/Normal porosity? I have traits from both low/high, so I’m not sure anymore. Hair Concerns: Dry/itchy/oily scalp w/dry ends - fun stuff lol Frizz - Oh, the frizz! Hates coconut oil and protein - my hair gets very brittle and destroyed I love the smell of tea tree and lavender, so I have absolutely no complaints about the smell. When applying throughout my hair I could already feel how thick and mositurizing it was! I squish to condish and use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the conditioner throughout my hair and let it sit for about 2-5 minutes before rinsing it completely out. It's not a magical aftermath for my hair and I still have frizz, BUT I was actually surprised at how soft my hair felt when it dried. The first time I used the duo I couldn't stop touching my hair lol. Overall, I like how my hair turns out after washing my hair with the matching shampoo. It feels clean, soft, and manageable. Minder
    Anoniem op 05-06-2018
    topprodukt is dit .....haar dochter ziet er geweldig uit
    Anoniem op 28-02-2018
    hele fijne shampoo ruikt lekker en mijn haar is makkelijk in model te krijgen
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