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Bahco Bloemenschaar FS-5 - 7311518266455 | Totale lengte: 125 mm

Artikelnummer: FS5BAH | Snelcode: 6d7f7f | EAN: 7311518266455

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€ 17,99 € 17,65

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    Merk Bahco
    Totale lengte 125 mm
    Categorie Landbouw
    Categorie Tuin & Park
    Categorie Winkel & Werkplaats
    Categorie Handgereedschap
    Categorie Fruit- en wijnbouwtechniek
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    Omschrijving van Bahco Bloemenschaar FS-5


    • Bloemenscharen voor het knippen van fijne planten bij bloemisterijen
    • Softgrip ogen
    • Voor het snijden en verwijderen van droge bladeren, voor het snoeien en oogsten van kruiden
    • Korte, roestvaststalen messen, waarvan één gekarteld
    • Voor het knippen van stengels met kleine diameter
    Vraag en antwoord

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    7 beoordelingen

    Mohammed R. op 20-12-2021
    I spend full days on snow, and I spend hours on snow, standing with little motion as a ski racing gate judge - this boot keeps my feet toasty. Roomy enough to layer 2 thick socks. Price you pay is weight and a clunky look. But will keep you outside as long as you need. hours standing with little motion as a ski racing gate judge - this boot keeps my feet toasty. Roomy enough to layer 2 thick socks. Price you pay is a heavy weight and a a chunky look. But this will keep you outside as long as you need.
    Marie-Thérèse G. op 07-12-2021
    Andrew L. op 02-12-2021
    These boots have so far been amazing this winter. The only thing getting used to is the lack of ankle support. The boots are a bit wide, but a smaller size is too short and narrow, so it's a bit unexpected. They are quite comfortable and warm, and I love that they are tall to prevent snow from entering into them on heavy snow fall days. The laces feel a bit difficult to make tight, but the boot stays fairly snug without the ability to come off without untying the laces. All in all, great boots. First pair of Sorel boots I have purchased and so far quite content. They are on the pricy end, but I'm hopeful to get several winters out of them.
    Alice L. op 26-08-2021
    I've bought these for a few years for my son (usually the purple, but this is the first time I've seen blue). He finds that they are warm and keep his feet dry even in our West Coast winters. He does complain that sometimes they're a little heavy, but after one incident in the park where he lost a runner in the mud, he appreciates these a lot more. They are a roomy fit, but not too loose and are easily adjusted. I like that they're easy to wash the dirt off and really takes a beating and still look like new after a season of wear. Definitely will be passed on to his little brother.
    Marc C. op 02-11-2020
    IllinoisHunter op 14-02-2020
    Purchased these for a more stylish option to wear out and about vs. my winter cammo hunting boots. Upon first opening the box, the boots were difficult to pull on. All I had to do was loosen all the laces and then adjust them to what I was wearing...thick or thin socks, leggings or denims, etc. After tying the laces and doing a 1-2 minute walk, the laces are adjusted again for a perfect fit...no rubbing, soreness, irritation. Ordered 1/2 size up than I normally wear and had no issues with the boots being too loose. At the other end of the spectrum, my toes are not crammed either. The boots are cute and lace adjusted to my needs. The boots are also warm. I have worn them in -7 degrees Fahrenheit for 7 miles and had no issues. ( I also wore wool socks). To remove the boots, I simply loosened all the laces to avoid tugging or pulling. Cute option to my hunting boots. Acceptable traction for boots which are not specifically hunting boots! Minder
    Kev1 op 11-02-2020
    Avec ma femme, nous avons acheté les même bottes pour un séjour de 15 jours au Québec au mois de février. Étant les seules chaussures que nous avons emmenées, nous les avons portées pendant tous le séjour, durant lequel nous avons pratiquement fait que des activités extérieures. Les points négatifs : étant un peu lourde, les longues marches deviennent plus fatigantes au bout d'un moment, surtout en ville Avons eu un peu froid au extrémités en statique ( au bout de 15 min) à-18°C, mais c'était réglé après 5 min de marche. Points positifs : excellente tenue au froid en dynamique ( à -28°Celcius) . Nous n' avons pas eu une seule fois froid aux pieds en marchant Le fait de pouvoir enlever le chausson pour le faire sécher est un vrai plus Très bonne accroche avec les crampons Aucun problème d' étanchéité, même en restant plusieurs heures dans la neige. Grâce au rembourrage du chausson, pas d'entrée de neige dans la botte, même quand celle-ci est entièrement plongée dedans En conclusion, ces bottes nous on entièrement satisfaites. J'aurais peut être dû prendre une demi taille en dessous par rapport à d'habitude, car elles chaussent grand. Minder
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