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Kramp Hakenset systeem Trima - FT2007, 8719607167024 | Breedte: 80 mm | Dikte: 10 mm | Radius: R25 mm

Artikelnummer: FT2007 | Snelcode: 6as8nq | EAN: 8719607167024

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    Merk Kramp
    Breedte 80 mm
    Dikte 10 mm
    Radius R25 mm
    Categorie Landbouw
    Categorie Grasland- & voedertechniek
    Categorie Tractor & Voertuig
    Categorie Voertuig
    Categorie Frontladertechniek en uitkuilmachines
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    Vraag en antwoord

    Er zijn voor dit product nog geen vragen beschikbaar.

    17 beoordelingen

    Patrick op 05-12-2021
    Degelijk artikel aan zeer goeie prijs
    Conny op 13-11-2021
    Precies zoals op de afbeelding, subtiel strak haakje dat goed past bij de toilethouder, kraan en toiletborstelhouder in ons toilet.
    v. d. S. op 19-07-2021
    Ziet er precies zo uit als getoond. Prachtige uitstraling. Materiaal is kwalitatief mooi en deugdelijk. Blij mee!!!
    Zack op 29-03-2021
    Picked these ON's after trying on 6 different trail runners and running on the treadmill in the store. Very impressed after the first couple of 5-7 mile runs in the foothills of San Diego. Internal sock (no tongue) is super comfortable and hold my narrower feet secure without being tight anywhere. The midsole has a lot of cushion but is pleasantly springy on takeoff. They feel very stable over rocky terrain, especially with lateral movements. These are qualities I was looking for and missing after trying Altra and Hoka before. These are fun to run in. Great heal to toe transition feel. Tread was great over rocky and loose dirt with fairly steep inclines and declines. Haven't been able to test them on anything wet. The forefoot expender is a nice feature to give a like more room towards the end of my run. They look like they will be durable and I expect 400 miles out of them. If you have really wide feet you should probably try them on first. No soreness or tightness in my feet or legs after a good trail run is saying something at 45 years old and is probably the best test. Can't wait to go again. Minder
    Anoniem op 12-03-2021
    Schon der Cloudstratus, welchen ich 12 Monate benutzte, hat meinen Anforderungen nach maximaler Dämpfung bestens entsprochen. Für mich war dieser Schuh nach Jahren der Odyssee DIE grosse Offenbarung zur Kontrolle meiner Unterschenkelprobleme. Aber neu: Der Cloudultra passt noch besser an meine Füsse. Aufgrund des (von mir so genannten) "Monohullsystems" wird der Oberfuss perfekt umschlossen, ein deutlicher Fortschritt gegenüber dem klassischen "Zungensystem". Der Vorfussbereich ist geringfügig weniger weit geschnitten, sodass die Zehen den minimal erforderlichen Halt finden. Das Laufen fühlt sich im Vergleich zum Cloudstratus leichter an. Ich bin auf Anhieb total begeistert vom Cloudultra, für mich nochmals ein Fortschritt gegenüber dem bereits hervorragenden Cloudstratus.
    Scott op 23-02-2021
    This shoe has a lot more structure than my original experience with On (Cloudflow Road Runner) shoes--and for me, that's a great thing. The structure holds up well after a number of long runs. Quite a bit of cushioning in this shoe, more than I am used to, but I liked it. The Cloudultra has a little plastic piece on the laces toward the toe-box. It's marketed as a way to make the toe box a bit wider as your foot expands during a long run. Seemed like an interesting concept, but I found that I never really stopped mid-run to make an adjustment... Maybe it works well for some folks--I did not use it. Finally, I loved the style and look when unboxing. My high-schooler son was impressed and called them "drippy," which I guess is good. On the other hand, my spouse noted that the large white angled heel against the black shoe body made it look like I wearing women's platform shoes from a distance. This was not something that bothered me (I'm much more interested in functionality), but thought it was kinda funny. Overall, a solid performer that I would recommend. Minder
    R V. op 19-02-2021
    Meegeleverde schroeven en pluggen zijn van mindere kwaliteit; niet gebruiken!
    Beethebison op 07-02-2021
    This is my second pair of On trail running shoes and both have been incredibly comfortable. This pair feels much more secure, especially when running on uneven trails. I've worn these shoes on some shorter runs (4-8 miles) on both trails and hard surfaces. Here's the good and the bad: Good: - Extremely comfortable. The amount of Helion superfoam can certainly be felt and keeps the runner from feeling much terrain. These are probably the most comfortable shoes I've had in terms of comfort. - Secure. I don't like putting the shoes on because of the sock-fit feature (you'll read later) but it does make the runner feel like the shoes are considerably more secure. Especially when running on uneven terrain, the shoes feel like they are part of your body. - FlipRelease. I know it's kind of gimmicky but it actually does relieve some pressure on longer runs. It does not have a huge effect but it is noticeable. - Weight. This may go back to the secure feeling but the shoes feel very light for the comfort level. - Size. I have bunions and end up with blisters on most long runs. These seem to be sized just right for my purposes. My feet haven't been in any pain after runs. Bad: - Sock-fit. This feature does add to the quality and security of the shoe. But it is annoying to put on. I don't want to have to use both hands to put on a shoe. It feels like putting on a really tight sock instead of a shoe. - Foam on the sole. Because the soles are created with channels, the parts that aren't covered in tread are covered in superfoam. In the short time that I've had the shoes there is already noticeable damage to the foam from rocks I've run over. And what is trail running if you're not running over rocks? Overall, the comfort and security of the shoe blows away any negatives mentioned. This is one comfortable shoe! Minder
    pauld op 28-01-2021
    This is a great shoe for long distances on moderate terrain. Cushioning looks like it would be marshmallow soft but it's firm enough to provide a responsive ride while taking the shock out of rocks, roots, and hard packed gravel. The upper is soft, breathable, and very accommodating. I have a wide foot and at first glance these appeared to be very narrow but the upper stretches out perfectly to provide a secure fit with ample room. They used their own rubber compound for the outsole and in my experience so far the grip is pretty bad. The shoe slips easily on roots and rocks. Anything wet makes the lack of traction even worse. The lug pattern is not aggressive at all so it doesn't really "bite" into hard packed dirt or rocks covered in moss or lichen. Tackling technical trails in these was pretty treacherous, I'd stick to moderate trails, dirt roads, or even pavement. In summary, these are a great shoe for long distances on non-technical trails. I've had them out for several long runs of 11-15 miles and they've been comfortable and show minimal wear. Minder
    Symm0906 op 24-01-2021
    My initial impression on my first wear was that they have a completely different feel to them and I did not know if I loved them or just liked them. After my first day wearing and run, I love them! The shoes are extremely comfortable and as someone who regularly puts 40+ miles a week on my shoes, these are by far some of the most comfortable shoes that I have worn. The all important fit and function of the shoes is excellent and I find that they run true to size. The traction on the trail is excellent while the comfort and balance on the road as well. In fact, these shoes are so comfy, I have been wearing them for every day activities just for fun. I did not really find the tensioner on the shoe laces as that useful, but others very well may based on how the shoes fit their feet. The one thing you have to watch with them is if the sole is wet and you are on slick concrete (like in the garage), they can be quite slippery. Otherwise, if you are looking for a pair of running shoes, I highly recommend these!!! Minder
    Dayz01 op 17-01-2021
    This is my first pair of On shoes! I strength train, so I have been looking for a pair of shoes that can wear multiple hats. I think I finally found a good balance with these shoes. They’re flexible, yet very light and I’m impressed with how the shoe is abale to conform with any movement. I’ve lifted weights, waked and crossed trained. Today, I will go on a run (wish me luck) but overall, I really like them. As far as fit: I think they’re true to size, I normally wear 7.5 for heels, and casual shoes but for running shoes I wear an 8. I have a very narrow foot, so for this shoe, the 7.5 worked well. The width was a little wide for me, but again, my foot is so narrow it’s not even fair, so if you have a wide foot, this may be okay for for you. But again, I really like them so far and wouldn’t mind getting another pair. Minder
    crossfitrunner op 03-12-2020
    I've been using my Cloud X for CrossFit for the last month or so. I had to get a shoe that had more cushioning for the runs since I've had surgery in both my knees already, surgery with the right one was over a year ago with 90% of my meniscus removed. My previous Reebok Grace, while great for the weight lifting part of the WODs, was not helping my knee in the short runs included in the WOD. So far, I love the On Cloud X, my runs feel better and I feel more confident when I do my single unders (no double unders for me). It's not as stable as my Reebok for power cleans since I get wobbly, but you can chalk that down to maybe bad form on my part. All in all, the Cloud X can work well for CrossFit WODs that include short runs and any movement you may need more cushioning for the knee. I was warned about pebbles getting stuck in the shoe crevices but so far I have not had that problem, mainly because I'm only running on asphalt. I got my regular size, 7, and it fits perfectly even with thicker socks on. I'm considering the other Cloud models. Minder
    Nico op 15-10-2020
    Mooi product, hoewel de oorspronkelijke prijs die wordt vermeld mij wel verwondert !
    seeshells78 op 17-09-2020
    From the description these are marketed as a cross trainer, not a long distance running shoe. ON makes plenty of runners, so do your research. I needed a cross trainer for indoor/outdoor sessions with sprints in between and these are perfect. Lifted, lunged, did kettle bell swings and squats, then jumped on the treadmill for 30 second intervals. No sliding around, no discomfort, and I felt very secure. My feet are slightly narrow and don't have exceptionally long toes, a true size 7, and after using ON's recommendations (see their website fit-finder) I bought my normal size and wore them with heel-tabbed thin socks. Thick socks may have made them a bit on the snug side but i dislike them for working out anyways. I did feel a bit of stiffness at the very top edge of the heel but it gave a bit and softened up during my workout. The laces are thin (not gonna like I was worried) but didn't come undone. I like these better than my other trainers from Nike, Inov8 and Under Armor, which all seemed a bit to wide in the toe box. Super light weight and have great support for my high arches, but definitely cut on the narrower side. When my Asics GT2000s wear out I'm going to try ON runners next. Minder
    Linda op 26-05-2020
    Mooi product. Goed ingepakt. Iedereen die van zwart of industriële houdt moet dithebben.
    F T. op 28-10-2019
    Doen wat ze moeten, stevig. Alle benodigdheden zitten in verpakking.
    Tineke S. op 07-09-2019
    Verpakking had kleiner gehad en het voorwerp had prima in een enveloppe gepast i.p.v. een DHL bestelling
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